Embracing Our Blessings in the New Year

The New Year is an opportunity for reflection. We think about what we are grateful for, what we are proud of accomplishing, and certainly what we would like to see change in the next season. But I want to encourage us to take it a step further this time. As you close one chapter and are facing the New Year, ask yourself, “What blessings are available to me through Christ that I am not currently embracing?” 

We inhibit ourselves from witnessing the blessings that our Father wants to give when our sight is only on what we are experiencing now versus what we could be experiencing. We cannot ask to see the treasures of heaven here on earth if we are not willing to trust that they are fully available, right now. Believers should walk in freedom, joy, and expect to see His promises come to fruition. 

Our Father gave me a vision where I was dining with His Son at a large, banqueting table. The first time He gave me this vision, I saw myself sitting at the long table that stretched as far as I could see from left to right with Jesus sitting across from me. The table had all the food I could imagine, and I was whole and satisfied.

The second time our Father gave me this vision, He rewound the scenes. I saw myself at the entrance of the room with a long hallway in front of me leading to the banqueting table. There was a red carpet lined with gold trim, the ceilings were high, and once again, the banqueting table stretched as far wide as my eyes could see. But out of all these shimmering and lovely things, by far the most meaningful was that I could tangibly feel Jesus’ gaze. His eyes were fixed on me so much so that it was almost like He had a gravitational pull leading me to the table more than my own feet. When I finally sat in my seat, music started to play. I looked down and saw that I had glistening, white clothing. Jesus called me “Priceless” and “God’s Beloved Child”. It was in this moment where I realized that Jesus wanted to sit in company with me while I enjoyed the treasures that our Father had prepared and set aside for me.

After I had this vision, it prompted me to think of the blessings that are available to me as “God’s Beloved Child”. The banqueting table filled with food that stretched far and wide was a visual of the blessings waiting for me to accept, right now. The real, unwavering, glorious truth is that we have an abundant pool of blessings as sons and daughters of the King. But the question is, do you embrace them? 

These are just a few* of the blessings that are available to believers, and ready to be adopted into your current reality:

— A glorious inheritance and a joyous heart that soars with gratitude (Colossians 1:12)

— A renewed mind that empowers you (Romans 12)

— Lavish love from the Father and in equality with Jesus (John 17:26)

— Living within God’s perfect plan (Romans 8:28)

Nothing makes God happier, and more glorified, than when we embrace and live in the treasures that we inherited through Christ. I believe this is why Jesus’ eyes and smile were pulling me toward the table in my vision — he is delighted to see me moving toward my gifts. Romans 8:16 declares, “You are God’s beloved child! And since we are his true children, we qualify to share all his treasures, for indeed, we are heirs of God himself.”

I compare my stance at the entrance of the banqueting room to my stance at the entrance of the New Year. As believers, we have physical and tangible access to grasp our blessings. We have visibility of our banqueting table through God’s Word. This New Year is an opportunity for us to walk down that hallway into all “his treasures” that are awaiting us as “heirs of God”.

Open the doors, smell the feast that He has prepared for you. Bask in the aroma of heavenly praise that all creation sings. Walk to Jesus, sit in company with Him, and soak it in as He calls you “Priceless” and “God’s Beloved Child”. There is an abundance of blessings waiting for you to enjoy at your banqueting table.

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