Courage in the Healing Process

Are you in pain? Are you struggling to recover from a bad divorce, a missed promotion or even more heart-wrenching, the loss of a child? The first step towards your healing is recognizing the injury and admitting that something is broken and needs attention, whether it’s a broken heart, a broken family, or a broken spirit.  

Seeking support and care for recovery can be critical for your healing.  

How many of us limp along in life, pushing through the pain and heartache, when God has called us to stop and rest? To recognize our need for recovery and embrace the healing process? 

People seem to fall into two categories when they are in pain—those who pull back in fear of further injury and those who overdo it. And then there are those who don’t realize they are hurt and try to carry on, adding insult to injury and delaying the healing process. 

Earlier this year, I stepped off a high porch and twisted my foot. I knew it was bad but I didn’t think it was broken. I walked on it for two weeks until the pain forced me into urgent care. The x-rays revealed a break and I was given stern directives to stay off the foot for six weeks. 

During recovery, I found I wavered between doing too much (and setting my recovery back) and doing too little in fear I’d injure the broken foot more. As my healing progressed and with the doctor’s permission, I began putting weight on the foot, testing the healing. I’m back to my normal routine now, and they say the bone is stronger now than before because of the healing process.  

God Heals 

Your spirit may be bruised and crushed. You may bear the wounds of mental, physical or spiritual abuse. God is your healer. His power to heal is greater than the world’s power to hurt. 

Come boldly to His throne in your time of need. Bring your broken heart to the Great Physician. Let His healing balm soothe and comfort you. Let Jesus, in whom all things consist, put you back together again. 

As you heal, listen closely to the Holy Spirit.  

Trust God’s directives for your recovery. Rest when He says rest. Just as importantly, test your healing as He guides you. 

Attend a friend’s wedding or baby shower. Rework your resume and submit for the next promotion opportunity. Open your heart to love again.  

If it’s too much too soon, then rest again. Give yourself more time to heal. You’ll know if you’ve overdone it, but you must have the courage to try.  

If you pull back too much, you’ll never recover. You’ll fall into the camp of those who, fearing further injury, never test the healing and never fully live again. Where are you in your recovery? Are you in denial or fear – or are you ready to courageously test your healing? You can recover. You can be made whole.


“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

— Hebrews 4:16 NIV 



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