Constrained by the Love of God in COVID

For me, being hit with COVID was an incredibly sweet time. I was so very weak I could barely lift my head off the pillow. Small tasks felt monumental. Praying to Sweet Jesus in my time of need became a beautiful intimate act of worship in my place of vulnerability. I was unguarded, my honest truest self before Him in this desperate time of need. It was a time to experience the miracle of redemption. God turned me, the unholy one into the standard of God himself, the Holy one. He did this by putting into my deepest heart the new nature, the nature of Jesus Christ. 

In suffering we wait…not in passivity, yet in active waiting in the present moment, tasting it in full as we allow the seeds of love to grow into strong flourishing plants. As we wait patiently we pay attention to what is happening before our eyes as we see the first radiant rays of God’s goodness coming.

God in his mercy forgives us and then we experience the extravagant love of God. He holds us in love like a vise grip. STRONG, SURE, CONFIDENT. My gaze in prayer was fixated on He who gives all good things. As I acknowledged the Giver I appreciated in a deep profound way his unmerited, unwarranted, incomparable love. As I was intimately communicating with Him He was teaching me the magic formula of healing-the language of love. 

As I mature in God the more I pray, no longer what I want, what God wants for me. My desires echo the will of our Father in Heaven. I no longer pray to change God’s mind, but to change me who prays. My heart is constantly overflowing with immense gratitude. He reminds me that even when I have strayed, He patiently waited for me to return His loving embrace. 

And now as I recover I picture Jesus smiling with joy, we experience such abundant joy TOGETHER, no longer separate or independent but our hearts are synchronized as they beat as one pumping into my veins…. Love, sweet love. Pure love.

He is delighted as His Beloved Daughter I have received His mercy as He reminds me when I forget or wander...”Love, I’m here as I feel His delight in and for me and I for Him”

LOVED IN COVID is sooo sweet!        

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