Be a Reader

Guilt Trip to Avoid: Neglecting to read God’s word.
He must always keep that copy with him and read it daily as long as he lives. (Deuteronomy 17:19)
I remember reading a chapter a night from a New Testament I received when I completed confirmation at age 13. I credit scripture for keeping me from making serious mistakes that could have ruined my life as a young adult. While I may have strayed from that habit from time to time, I still faithfully read God’s word.
As I read my Bible, I receive God’s grace. His word keeps me grounded. I am far less likely to be impressed by my own achievements because I know they come from God’s hand. I am far more likely to confess my sins because I know what displeases God. Reading scripture and praying reminds me God is with me—whatever happens.
We are busy people. But reading scripture offers vast benefits. Just as marriage is far more than a ceremony, the Christian life involves far more than coming to Christ. Marriage involves daily communication and commitment; it requires time and effort. So does the Christian life. We are blessed if we take our faith seriously and schedule daily Bible reading and prayer into our schedule.
Take the Joy Ride: The writer of Deuteronomy records how God’s law included directives for a king that would keep him humble and dependent upon God. So our Bible reading helps us develop the proper perspective of who we are and who God is. Without such reminders we may become presumptuous and think we can make it on our own. What passage of scripture will you read today?
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