And Darkness Came

It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over the whole land…for the sun stopped shining.  And the curtain…was torn in two” Luke 23:44-45.

Throughout the Bible we have a set of train tracks that run alongside of our own journey.  They are a set of tracks that show how God has been faithful leading His children home.  One of the most identifiable seasons is our season of suffering…our darkest days…our own personal ‘Good Fridays’ which are filled with despair like the original Good Friday.  It was named ‘good’ only in hindsight as it measured against Resurrection Sunday.

Our personal good Fridays are seasons filled with darkness where we cannot see our way.  It is a time in our life when we must take everything our faith has taught us and apply it to our future.  It is when our days feel dark and our nights seem to extend forever.   We have been torn in two by our circumstances and the sands of the hourglass seem to be dropping so slow.  When will our Sunday come?  When will life be resurrected and joy realized once again?  When will the dark clouds recede revealing the brightness and fullness of God’s healing rays?  Hold on dear friend and take heart – Sunday is coming!  The despair of our ‘good Fridays’ will be replaced with the joy and hope of the resurrection of our beautiful Sunday

For that spouse who was rejected…Sunday’s coming!

For that parent whose child has chosen a life separated from God…Sunday’s coming!

For that woman who must whisper goodbye to her loved one…Sunday’s coming!

For that child of God who sits in the darkness of her circumstances…Sunday’s coming!

Our Fridays hold no power in relation to the confidence of the plans that God has laid out before us.  If you are in your ‘good Friday’ hold on because your Great Sunday is coming!


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