An Enneagram Guide to New Year Resolutions…

I was slow to get on the Enneagram train, but after many people told me I was a “seven,” I decided to learn what everyone was referencing. Ian Morgan Cron says, “The Enneagram doesn’t put you in a box. It shows you the box you’re already in and how to get out of it.” It’s a tool for self-awareness and good community life. I am by no means an expert, just a fan.

So, after listening to podcasts, and reading books, here are my ideas as we think through first steps of 2021.   

1: One’s are known to be improvers, we need them to point out where good isn’t enough when better is possible. To that end, ones, start your goals with I will improve myand make sure to balance your wonderful, God-given temperament with some make time to unwind and laugh resolutions.

2: Two’s are helpers, and I am grateful for every two who has seen projects come to life and visions lift off of paper and into reality. Lead with listing what is important to you, twos, adding your gifts to others. I am planning on helping… While you are making lists, make sure to take yourself on some fun excursions and be kind to you, too!           

3: I love three’s, they are achievers and naturally have resolutions for the New Year. Your list can simply be a list of ambitions. Start with my goal for 2021 is…. and make time and room on your list for unplugging and nonsense time where creativity can flourish and nothing gets crossed off the list!  

4: We need fours, or individualists as they are expressive, and so their list can fall under I will create… just make sure to bring organization into your creativity so the rest of us can enjoy what comes through your hands, heart, and mind.

5: The investigators might not want us to see their list, but we know fives are curious and perceptive and so their list should be read. If they are making lists, they probably sound like I will learn about… Since you are often more comfortable alone, make sure you find a friend for support and accountability.

6: These responsible and engaging sixes are known as the loyalists and only need a list to keep them on track. You make commitments and keep them. Open your journal and just begin- I will plan for… just make sure you do something that inspires your mind to stay on top of ideas you believe in. 

7: As an enthusiast, I am always standing on my tiptoes, anticipating the next fun thing to happen. What does 2021 hold? Sevens – the sky is the limit! Our list can be what we look forward to.  Let’s pour our favorite drink and begin with I can’t wait for… The trick will be for us to focus on one thing at a time and we’ll see projects take flight and dreams unfold!

8: Being married to an eight, I understand how strong, self-confident, and decisive they are! As you make your resolutions, begin with this idea of I accept the challenge to… we know you won’t back down or accept defeat, you will see your goals through. Just make sure as you are focused on your agenda, do something regularly to be generous to others.

9: These easygoing peacemakers are agreeable and content with how things are. They might not want to make a list of “things to do” for 2021, but are receptive to the idea. Nine’s, don’t be anyone other than who you are. If you don’t want a list, don’t make a list. It’s your life, your time, your world, you live it how you want it! We like having you around and want you to know it…  

However you are made, and however you are facing 2021, remember in Psalm 139, God promises every one of your days have been ordained before any of them came to be. Live and listen, step and trust, plan and pray, and 2021 will be a year for us to be our truest, and healthiest,

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