A Prayer for Redemption at Christmastime

Redemption ~ it means, the act of gaining or regaining possession of (something) in exchange for payment. To buy back or to recover.

In Luke 21, Jesus takes time to teach on the end times. Of wars and unrest. Of persecution and perplexity. But He doesn’t leave things there. Because in Christ – the Hope of the world – the end is only the beginning.

And so, just like a good Father, He ends this chapter on a good note: “‘And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.’”


Father God,

There’s coming a day when everything really will be okay.

A Day when You will come back for us, with radiant splendor and singing praises.

A Day when all the bad things will become good things.

A Day when all the wrong things will become right things.

A Day when all the sad things will become joy things.

A Day when all the lost things will become won things.

Because You paid the ransom for your Bride, on that Cross Day. And it will finally be time for You to redeem Her, on a new kind of Resurrection Day. We confess, sometimes ~ or maybe a lot of times ~ we forget. We move on and carry on, in the tension of the now and the not-yet. Our eyes glaze over with the cares of this world, and our hearts weigh heavy with burdens to bear.

But grace brings Christmas near, year after year, and we remember … the King is coming, the King is coming. And though we don’t know when You will return once and for all, we must lean in, “straighten up and raise” our eyes to things above. Not in our own strength, but Yours.

Because we really do want to be ready for You. Oh, what a glorious Day that will be! 

Redemption is here, now and forever. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

Glory to God, Amen.

(Excerpt taken from Coming To Light: An Advent Experience Through the Book of Luke, Day Twenty-One)


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