Leigh-Anna Rubio | For Girls Like You Ministries

Leigh-Anna, Jonathan Pitts’ youngest sister, met Wynter Evans Pitts (founder of For Girls Like You) in 2001 shortly after Jonathan and Wynter began dating. Observing Wynter and Jonathan establish and prioritize their own family unit would be an early example to Leigh-Anna.

Years later, Leigh-Anna would meet and marry her husband, Edward Rubio, after completing a Master’s in Public Health together at Drexel University. Shortly thereafter, they would relocate to California for Edward’s medical training. They there would begin their family, now consisting of three children six years and under. During this time Leigh-Anna also worked nearly 10 years advancing in a career for a large health care organization in California.

Influenced by Wynter’s sudden passing in 2018, Leigh-Anna would make a significant life change to leave this career path for opportunities with more independence and flexibility. This would allow her more focused time with her family as well as time to serve more meaningfully in God’s Kingdom.

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