Julie Ann Rose

Julie had no idea that God would astonish her with such an overflow of his lavish love in Jesus Christ. After earning a B.A. in Christian Education, an M.A. in Mental Health Counseling, and a certificate in Theological Studies, she became a licensed mental health counselor with a specialty in sexual trauma.  She is also an ordained minister. She also became the founder and director of Restoring the Heart Ministries, Inc. 

RTHM is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry whose primary purpose is to help women, men and children find freedom and hope from the life experience of sexual, emotional and physical abuse and trauma. She also founded the film company, Julie Rose Productions. Our mission is to create films that portray the power of truth.  She believes that a well told story is a powerful force that can change the world.  She is a mother of four wonderful children, a grandma to five grandchildren, a speaker, published author, filmmaker, and Christian therapist. 

Julie grew up in the Rockies of Montana, often riding her horse Chico who led her to lush mountain streams and fields of wildflowers. Her childhood was filled with the wonder of God’s creation, but it was devoid of parental love or safety. After enduring years of abuse in the home, she fled her small town and moved to the Midwest. She kept running from all the pain, but eventually Jesus reached down and saved her life at the age of 23.