Grace Alliance


This was Joe’s prayer after eight years of not seeing his wife improve from both professional and ministry care. Unfortunately, in their case, it was making the situation worse. For months Joe completed his own personal and extensive research into neuroscience, clinical studies, and biblical/theological insights and discovered how to blend science and faith into a new whole-health lifestyle approach. A new model to help his wife get “unstuck.”

For the next year and a half, Joe applied this new model with his wife and family (five kids) to help his wife rise from brokenness to beauty of life, which included better aligned professional care. The results were amazing and Dr. Stanford commented her mental health recovery was rare and a “clinical miracle.” After seeing this miraculous result, Joe and Dr. Stanford teamed up to cofound the Grace Alliance and collectively developed the insights and models into simple, innovative, and reproducible resources for personal and small group use to help other Christians and churches have practical tools for these mental health challenges … and get “unstuck.” Many started finding hope and lives were changing for the better!

Over the years, as the Grace Alliance continued to grow, the team expanded to include administrative staff from Texas and California. Our Executive Directors, Natalie Franks and Casey Pruet, have their own powerful comeback story from both personal (Natalie) and advocate care (Casey) as a college student and college ministry. Their experience and story has added a unique approach to broaden our reach to young adults.

From the research and statistics, we know our story is the same story of millions of other Christians! We know the experience, the confusion, the pain, and the loneliness. Grace Alliance is about “our” story – all of us who experience these challenges. We’re empowering OUR story with science and faith insights and tools to help OUR story get “unstuck.”