Parenting: Getting It Right

FREE 6-Session Bible Study with Andy + Sandra Stanley

Are you parenting right?

This is the question every parent asks themselves at some point OR multiple points along the way. And you want to get it right, which is why in this 6-session video Bible study, Andy and Sandra Stanley are here to help.  

Starting February 13, the Stanley’s discuss: 

  • The four stages of parenting 
  • How to parent with the end in mind 
  • An approach to discipline that strengthens relationships 
  • How to help your child develop a faith of their own 

You don’t have to constantly wonder whether you’re getting it right as a parent. This video series will help you feel confident about raising children who will enjoy being together and with you when they no longer have to be.  

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About Andy + Sandra Stanley

As parents of three grown children and cofounders of North Point Ministries, one of the largest church networks in the country, they are seasoned experts on faith and parenting. Together they have spent decades counseling families, mentoring moms and dads, while leaning into mentors of their own.

In the six-session video study Parenting: Getting It Right, Andy and Sandra combine their experience and wisdom to help viewers identify and embrace their it – their win as parents.