Melissa, If One Life


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The story that helped inspire the movie I Still Believe.

Melissa, If One Life … is the real-life love story of Melissa Camp, first wife of recording artist Jeremy Camp. Her heartrending story is told through her journals and reveals her intimate conversations with God, her extraordinary love story with Jeremy, her walk-through cancer and her supernatural responses to life’s hardest trials. The film, I Still Believe, is based on Melissa’s fun and emotional love story with Jeremy Camp. It is more than inspiring! It is transformational! It restores faith that great love does exist and is worth sacrificing everything for. This book expands the dialog, shows Melissa’s reactions and fills in the details of her remarkable life. It also reveals the mystery of living a courageous life filled with love, joy and hope no matter what the circumstances are.

Melissa, If One Life . . . is a powerful, intimate look at one life that was fully surrendered to God’s will above her own and the amazing journey they took together.  “Big or small, I’m willing for it all, this journey is ours.  Let’s Go!”  Melissa Camp


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