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Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire and Finding the Broken Way Home

Amber C. Haines
Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire and Finding the Broken Way Home

At one point in her life, author Amber Haines allowed the whispers of temptation to lead her down the path toward isolation, unhappiness, and life-altering choices. During her most broken moment, she met God, who freely offered her grace and life. This book, Wild in the Holl... Read More

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Item # 1568483


Item # 1568483

At one point in her life, author Amber Haines allowed the whispers of temptation to lead her down the path toward isolation, unhappiness, and life-altering choices. During her most broken moment, she met God, who freely offered her grace and life. This book, Wild in the Hollow, will help you hear a voice inviting you back home to a place of acceptance, fulfillment, and identity.

Product Details:
Page Count: 208
Released: 07/2015
  • Store Only: Yes
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Release Date: Jul 7, 2015
  • UPC: 9780800724078
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 208
  • Publish Date: Aug 4, 2015
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 100
  • Audience Age Minimum: 18
  • Audience Gender: Female
  • BISAC: "BIO018000"
  • ISBN: 0800724070

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Refreshing by Kimberly on 10/20/2015

Quite often, when I receive a book for review, I will place it on the shelf to be read in order. I did that with this book and I wish I did not. This book left me feeling so refreshed.

The author, Amber C. Haines shares her story with God. she tells about how God never leaves her no matter how many times she may been saved. She shares her story, honestly and openly in a world where these things are not shared often enough. Through her story the reader is able to see God's love no matter how many time we fall. Even if we turn our back on God, He is always there for us.

To experience God's love through another's story, this is the book to read. I was given this book by Revell books and the author in exchange for my honest review.

A Wild read by Jess on 10/1/2015

I wanted to read this book, because of the relatable description of the book.
I too feel broken, disappointed, hollow.
When I received the book, I was so excited to start reading it, but the reading was a slow go for me.
I told a friend that I was reading this book and had a hard time describing to her the way the author wrote.
The language of the words was unlike any that I have ever read before. I can only believe that it is a poetic form of storytelling that I have never had the chance to read before, and like one other reviewer said, it made it hard for me to understand the point that the author was making at times.
You may wonder why I gave this book 5 stars, it is because in the author's broken-ness, I saw myself, and I also felt the hope that she had felt.
I too have been haunted by regret, debilitating at times, and felt like the author, hard to understand language and all, was very relatable.
It is inspiring the way God reached down in her most broken moment and saved her right off the bathroom floor. I loved that while she was saved right away in an awe-inspiring moment, and she felt brand new right away, she still had struggles and an uphill climb to be content with herself and her walk with Jesus. At the end of the book I was left feeling full and hopeful.

A Story of God Rescuing the Broken by Amy on 8/19/2015

The message Amber is conveying is all about reality, brokenness and pain, a soul searching for God, trying to fill the void with everything - but God, rebellion masked as freedom, a struggle with the rules and the natural bent towards breaking those rules, the feeling of never being good enough. I think this book is relative to many of us.

Amber tells her story, a story of brokenness, but not a story of hopelessness. In that brokenness she met God, the Savior. From there she began a new life, which, although, it looked beautiful on the outside, was still masking the internal pain she felt. Not until she came to the place of complete surrender did God then take the away the shame and guilt and make beauty from ashes. She had been let down by people, the church, and a list of look good rules she couldn't follow, when what she longed for was acceptance, unconditional love, and a place to call home. Amber is such a great example of the importance of community, of loving people to Jesus, not to a list of rules they can't follow and allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work. Of remembering we are all broken and in need of a Savior and Jesus came to seek and to save the Lost.

As I read this book, I struggled with the writing style a little. It wasn't so much that I didn't like it as much as it is written in a style I am not really used to reading, so I really had to concentrate to read it. But Amber's story resonated with me. I could have been reading about myself. Amber is a very gifted artist and has taken some poetic classes. She has the gift of expression. Me being a country girl and all, who sometimes doesn't even get plain ole' English, just kind of struggled through some of it. I can't say I agree with all of her theology since, at times I am not sure I understood correctly what she was trying to express. But it's a story many can relate to, and Amber offers hope that comes through Jesus, and that I know to be true from my own personal brokenness.

I was blessed with a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for a review.

Love the raw honesty of this book by Michelle on 8/17/2015

Amber’s story begins much the same way mine does – in a quest for happiness in the midst of brokenness, in the arms of one ‘love’ after another, in the bottom of a bottle. Her story is my story. Her brokenness calls to me. Her raw honesty haunts me and endears me to her at the same time.

Hers is a story of salvation and repentance and redemption. Hers is a story we can all relate to. With our busted self-esteem, mutilated hearts, severed family ties, broken society, we can all use the refreshing realness of a story that shows how God meets us in our shattered lives. He never stops loving us. He unceasingly demonstrates his desire that we would all be reconciled to His Father’s heart for each of us.

Amber’s transgression haunted me. And then her confession freed me.

Her words reached places of me that I had long forgotten about.

I cannot remember the last time a story moved me the way this story has. I laughed and I wept and I smiled and I hurt and I found myself praying right along with Amber.

Her story reminds me that, when it seems there is nothing to hope for, there is still good in the world. There are still pockets of community in the world reminiscent of days gone by. There are still friends that mimic family – His word tells us in Proverbs that, “Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.”

In Chapter 12, Amber shares her struggle of control. This is one area that is a challenge for me as well. In this chapter, she says, “Self-control is a rest in him and his way, and all other striving is an illusion of control that divided me in three, mind from body and soul. Dropping the illusion propelled me toward healing.” God is still working within me in this area. There have been more times than I would like to recall, in which God has had to pry my fingers away from a situation in order for Him to do His good work. Thankfully, I am learning to let go.

Amber’s words are like a breath of fresh air; like waves on the ocean, rumbling and tumbling the water; like a breeze rustling the leaves of the trees. Amber’s words will stay with me long after I write this review. This will be a book I return to from time to time. If nothing else, to be reminded that I’m not alone on this messy, broken, beautiful journey home to His loving arms.

Beautifully written but hard to believe by Laura on 8/3/2015

With the lyrical talent of a trained poet, Amber Haines tells a fantastic (and familiar) story of redemption in each of her lowest moments in life.

I want to believe this book is truth, I really do. I want to believe that there are people out there who live these lives where they see and feel God so intensely and obviously. But this story sounds like the same one I've heard time and again at the tent revivals of my childhood. Each person's story is different but has the same keynote: They were at rock bottom, and God appeared miraculously to them - and hasn't stopped doing so since then - but instead of having the power to overcome (as those from the Bible who witnessed God miraculously), they're stuck in the same old patterns.

This book is worded beautifully, though the flowery language does make it difficult to understand what the author is really trying to say sometimes. It tells a fantastical story that - if true - is wonderful. It also ends abruptly, with no clear point or 'moral of the story' ... it's almost as if a stranger walked into my house, told me their story, and then left.

Despite its flaws and being so fantastical that it hovers on unbelievable, it's a pleasant read and only took me an evening to get through - a nice one to pick up if you're looking for an extraordinary story to boost your faith in God's promises.

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