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Wait and See

Wendy Pope, Wendy Pope

Every woman struggles with times of waiting. Waiting for a spouse, a child, or a job. In Wait and See, author Wendy Pope guides readers to focus on their faith rather than the object of their wait. Pope draws on the story of King David, who was anointed king nearly twenty ... Read More

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Item # 1619702

Every woman struggles with times of waiting.

Waiting for a spouse, a child, or a job.

In Wait and See, author Wendy Pope guides readers to focus on their faith rather than the object of their wait. Pope draws on the story of King David, who was anointed king nearly twenty years before he took his throne.

This hands-on guidebook invites readers to record their own waiting discoveries. With practical suggestions and real-life stories, Pope shows readers how they can be active in the present as they hope for the future.

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WARNING !!! by Sara on 10/27/2016

WARNING: This book is not a 'quick read'. The words are easy enough to read, but the message is worth savoring. Wait and See challenges the reader to draw closer to God, especially in a season of waiting. Wendy Pope pulls from her own experiences, the stories of others, and the life of David to help others “wait well”.

When I started to read my copy, I was interested, and I could see how others around me were 'waiting on God,' but I did not really see myself as in a season of waiting. Then I read this line in chapter 2: “My rush showed no regard for how God wanted to prepare me for what was next.” Whoa. I realized how much I had been acting in certain areas of my life without fully seeking God's will and way. Thus ended my quick and pleasant read, and my slow and steady study began. Guess what? I am in a season of waiting, too; it just looks different than everyone else's. And I'm glad to be able to challenge myself now with Wendy's thoughts and the Biblical truths she shares. Following God's Word and seeking Him is the only way to find the best path for my journey.

The chapters end with a “Digging Deeper with David” section for straightforward and relevant Bible study, and Wendy Pope encourages readers to journal about their personal and current seasons of waiting (there's even space in the back of the book for it!). I'm going to buy a copy for my pastor to keep in the church's library to lend or give to someone when they need it. If you are thinking about buying Wait and See for yourself or someone else, I recommend it! Read some other reviews, and I'm confident they'll recommend this book as well. :)

God Is At Work While You Wait by Mary Emily on 10/3/2016

Have you prayed for something and then waited … and WAITed? Wendy Pope uses three unique ways to examine what God is doing in these pauses as He works out His plan for you. First, she follows five people who have gone through long, uncertain times of waiting. Second, at the end of each chapter she helps you look at the life of David, a man with many periods of waiting. Included here are some of David’s Psalms to assist you. Third, you write the last chapter, working through a wait of your own. Prompts at the end of each chapter make this easy, thought provoking and a blessing.

Are You Waiting? by Kristi on 10/3/2016

Waiting...we all have to do it. From waiting in the grocery store line to waiting for answer to prayer. Some waits are only irritating and pretty insignificant. Others are excruciating and life-altering.
In this book, Wendy transparently shares accounts from her own life, from the lives of friends, and from Scripture of enduring and coping through times of waiting. She guides us beautifully in how to use our waits as avenues to grow our faith and our relationship with God, teaching us to trust in His plan and His timing, SEEING the revelation of that WAIT being fulfilled in accordance with His perfect will.
This is a book you will return to over and over again, and should be at the top of your list to share with others for encouragement!

An Encouraging and Hopeful Book by Jaime on 10/2/2016

In this book, Wendy Pope guides her readers through the process of reconsidering what a waiting period truly means. Is God punishing us? Are we doing something wrong? Are we ready to receive the thing we're anxiously awaiting? Pope addresses all these questions and more in a practical and spiritually grounded way. She provides numerous real life examples from other people as well as an in-depth look at the life of King David. There are places throughout the book where Pope asks the reader to answer short questions and then journal longer responses. This practical application helps apply the concepts of waiting to the reader's personal life. Personally, I was nodding my heading in agreement and taking notes right from the beginning of this book. How refreshing it is to receive encouragement and hope about waiting for God from a strong Biblical figure as well as real live people!

We all experience waiting by SherriD on 10/2/2016

We all experience waiting at some point in our lives. Some seasons of waiting are longer and tougher than others. In her book, Wait and See; Wendy Pope shares stories of her life in times in waiting as well as the stories of others. She also relates these present day stories to King David and what God did in his life when he was in a season of waiting. Wendy teaches us that looking to God for our strength and His direction during this season helps to reveal His plans for us. Wendy will help you put prospective on what you might be journeying through, and help you gain higher confidence in what God’s plan may be. I highly recommend this book!! - Sherri D

Wait and See until you read this book. It is amazing! It's so US! by Liz Walker on 10/2/2016

Wait and See by Wendy Pope is an awesome book! When reading her book, I had so many "aha" moments. It's like Wendy was speaking directly to me. We all have wait and see moments. The book helps us put it all together and why we need to let God work his plan for us and not try to do it on our own. She shares experiences about herself and her husband, along with other people, to show us the things we go through during this wait and see process. She also uses King David as an example on how he waited to take his place as the king. He was anointed as a child to be king but had to wait many years before he took the throne. Chapter 7 of the book, "When Waiting Encounters the Uninvited" was my favorite. When you are waiting for something to come to pass and it seems like the wait is too long, we must be careful about the uninvited such as depression, discouragement and doubt. We all go through this..waiting is a hard process. But we need to wait well, "Waiting well looks forward to the future while staying present in the present". The book also has a special chapter for you to journal your own wait and see process that you are going through. An online bible study is being offered by proverbs31.org ministry in November. I can't WAIT to SEE the blessings this will bring.

Impactful and insightful book by KatMC on 10/1/2016

I did Wendy Pope's "Read Thru the Word" program in 2015 and that class had a profound impact on me, so I was thrilled when I first learned of Wendy's book. Her book is insightful and helped me to grow in areas of my faith that needed to develop. Wendy is a mature Christian and has so much wisdom to share. I highly recommend this book.

My life in print by Natalyne on 10/1/2016

Wait and See is literally speaking my life's story. I have been in a place of waiting for some time now and when I read this book it was as if Wendy was reading my journal nightly. This book has given me the confidence to wait in God a little longer. Truly this book is for those who are in a place of wait and trying to figure out if God is still there. Truly this is a book for those struggling with the next steps in their wait! Kudos to Wendy for allowing us to share in her journey!!

Blessings in the Waiting by Julie on 10/1/2016

Waiting is hard, but Wendy Pope's new book shows us how to wait well. Wendy teaches us how to turn our season of waiting into a time of faith formation. She teaches us to focus on God, the Person of our faith rather than the object of our wait and to view God's pauses as opportunities to know Him better, along with a wealth of other lessons to be found in uncertain times.

Wendy writes in a thoughtful, straight forward manner. Her lessons are biblically based and practical. She draws on the life of David- from shepherded boy to king- and his psalms to teach us the values found in waiting well. In addition to King David the book follows the seasons of waiting of four contemporaries and shows how the principles in the book apply to their pauses.

The book has a special chapter where ypu use the principles found in each of the chapters to write your own story of waiting. "Worth the Wait: My Story". This helped me to apply Wendy's wisdom to my own season of waiting.

I would recommend this book to everyone experiencing a "pause". It is a hands on book that carries through with it's promise to help you experience peace in God's pauses and plans. It will help you use your struggles to grow in faith. Use the areas for journaling to learn to apply the principles to your pause. "Wait and See " can be a real life changer. And don't skip the "Digging Deeper with David " lessons at the end of the chapters. Each one is based on one of David's psalms and teaches many important lessons on waiting well.

Reading "Wait and See " is time we'll spent! Wendy Pope has truly made a difference in my life through this book and her Read through the Word bible study. I look forward to more books by Wendy!

Wait and See is a life changing book! by haneg20 on 10/1/2016

Wait and See has been a life changing book! Wendy does an amazing job of helping you dig into Scripture to find God’s ways to wait well. She walks the read through David’s life and uses his experiences to help teach how to wait and how to handle the struggles that come when waiting. She has a bible study portion, to dig into after each chapter, as well as, a journal prompts for each chapter. Both of these things took this book from being a wonderful read to something I could really learn and apply to my life. This book is a must read for any woman, or man, who is or has faced a time of waiting. It would be the perfect book to use on your own or to use as a group study. It is easy to read, easy to understand and rich with Scripture.

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