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  1. The Wonders of God's Creation DVD Set (Grades K-6)

    The Wonders of God's Creation DVD Set (Grades K-6)

    Moody Press, Moody Publishers, Moody Video, 3. Vol Set DVD, Moody Publ...

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    When you consider the functions of the human brain or the migration of monarch butterflies, you're admiring the works of God's hand! Now on DVD, these three exquisitely filmed documentaries---Planet Earth, Animal Kingdom, and Human Life---capture countless wonders that teach... Learn More
  2. The True Easter Story: The Promise Kept - DVD

    The True Easter Story: The Promise Kept - DVD

    Judith Markham, Ray Vander Laan

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    Understanding God s Word by experiencing--in full DVD technology--the world in which Jesus lived. This DVD version of The True Easter Story is not a superficial Holy Land travelogue, but a total cultural immersion directed by teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan. Using his ... Learn More
  3. The Temple Mount Dilemma - DVD

    The Temple Mount Dilemma - DVD

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    The temple mount is the main roadblock to a comprehensive Middle East peace agreement. Moslems refuse to give it up. Jews refuse to concede it as a negotiable item. Christians believe this is where Jesus Christ will reign over the nations. Biblical prophets indicate the Anti... Learn More
  4. The Tabernacle

    The Tabernacle

    Eric J. Bouchoc

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    Since it was first produced in 2000, the original award-winning Tabernacle DVD has been a blessing to people all over the world. Now re-created in all its splendor, The Tabernacle Special Edition DVD has been rebuilt, re-rendered and digitally mastered for an experience like... Learn More
  5. The Strong-Willed Child - Teaching DVD
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    The Strong-Willed Child - Teaching DVD

    Dr. James Dobson, James Dr Dobson

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    In The Strong-Willed Child Teaching DVD, Dr. James Dobson helps you understand the difference between childish irresponsibility and willful defiance; why many children push boundaries by way of their inherent nature; any clearly understanding the differences between complian... Learn More
  6. The Story of the English Bible - DVD

    The Story of the English Bible - DVD

    Lukas Media, Ambassador International

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    The story of the English Bible is one of the great adventures of the last millennium.It's hard to fathom that a book, which is an all time best-seller, was barely known five hundred years ago.There were valid reasons for this. The medieval church, which controlled every aven... Learn More
  7. The Prophecy of Israel - DVD
  8. The Narnia Code - DVD

    The Narnia Code - DVD

    Michael Ward

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    The Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis has become one of the most globally beloved franchises in history. And yet, there are mysteries about the author and these seven stories that have confounded scholars and fans for nearly half a century. Enter Michael Ward, who ... Learn More
  9. The Joy of Training

    The Joy of Training

    Debi Pearl, Michael Pearl

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    Michael & Debi Pearl tell how they successfully trained up their five children with love, humor, the rod, and a King James Bible. The 2 DVD set contains the same high-quality, digitally-filmed content as the VHS set and hundreds of snapshots and video clips of family and chi... Learn More
  10. The Jesus Guy - DVD

    The Jesus Guy - DVD

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    He looks like Jesus Christ and preaches like St. Francis of Assisi.  Some say he’s “a kook” and others say “a blessing from god.”  Barefoot, and clad in a white robe, he’s walked through 47 states (and 13 countries) on a 16-year ... Learn More

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