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  1. Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea - DVD
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    Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea - DVD

    Erin Bethea, Patty Duke, Sean Astin, Rich Christiano

    Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea follows four teens who embark on a weekend camping trip with their youth group leader, Stuart, and his wife. Joining them is teen outsider Ashley, who is materialistic and self-involved, and whose bad attitude separates her from the rest ... Learn More
  2. Angel Dog - DVD

    Angel Dog - DVD

    Farah Nations White, Jon Michael Davis, Robin Nations

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    Jake Bryant used to have a perfect life - and then in one tragic moment, it all fell apart. Now, try as he might to pick up the pieces, Jake simply can't summon the strength to get on with his life. But that all starts to change when Jake meets Cooper, a lovable stray whos... Learn More
  3. Angel in the House - DVD

    Angel in the House - DVD

    Ioan Gruffudd, Toni Collette

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    Struggling to adopt a child and unable to conceive one of their own, the Morrison family is in need of a miracle. However, their luck changes when 7-year-old Eli unexpectedly shows up on their doorstep. A heart-warming family tale, Angel in the House is sure to bring out the... Learn More
  4. Angels Sing: Libera in America

    Angels Sing: Libera in America


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    Libera, the celestial-sounding, chart-topping boy choir, brings its distinctive blend of innovative textures, meditative solos and shimmering, ecstatic choral harmonies, embedded in atmospheric instrumental arrangements, to a combination of religious and secular music. The g... Learn More
  5. As Dreamers Do - DVD

    As Dreamers Do - DVD

    Millennium Media

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    From the time he was a young boy, Walt Disney was armed with an ever growing imagination and eternal optimism. Learn how he overcame a variety of hardships in his early life to become one of the biggest icons in the world. As Dreamers Do is an inspiring film about neve... Learn More
  6. Ashes of Eden - DVD

    Ashes of Eden - DVD

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    Choose this day whom you will serve..... 18-year old Red made some bad choices. He's dome his time, but he's still paying the consequences. He's finding that having a bad reputation and being in the wrong place at the wrong time are an unfortunate combination - even when you... Learn More
  7. Aussie & Ted's Great Adventure - DVD

    Aussie & Ted's Great Adventure - DVD

    Beverly D'Angelo, Dean Cain, Shuki Levy

    Distraught over causing his young mistress Laney (Alyssa Shafer) to lose her very special teddy bear, a plucky mutt named Aussie sets out through the streets of San Francisco to locate and retrieve the missing doll. But Aussie's task becomes doubly difficult when, unbeknowns... Learn More
  8. Awakened - DVD
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    Awakened - DVD

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    In Awakened, newspaper reporter Jacob Harker loses his job, forcing he and his wife, Haley, to move into a small rental house owned by Webster Cain. In the process of moving in, Jacob discovers a discarded audio recording of 60’s blues singer Carol James. Captivated by th... Learn More
  9. Behind the Illusion - 2 DVD Set

    Behind the Illusion - 2 DVD Set

    Harris, Harris III

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    Skilled illusionist and speaker, Harris III conveys the wonder of God with mind-boggling tricks and a valuable message. This 2-DVD set includes the film Entangled, as well as the documentary Illusionism: Prepare to Amaze, which shares the secrets to some of Harris III's most... Learn More
  10. Behind the Mask (CBA Version) - DVD

    Behind the Mask (CBA Version) - DVD

    GT Media

    Dr. Bob Shushan (Donald Sutherland) is an overworked and absent father who runs a center for the mentally and physically challenged. When Shushan suffers a heart attack, his life is saved by James Jones, a young patient at the center. The two men forge a friendship and help ... Learn More

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