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  1. Come Dance With Me - DVD

    Come Dance With Me - DVD

    Andrew McCarthy

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    Jack (Andrew McCarthy) is an executive in a financial brokerage firm trying to impress the firm's president, Drew Clayton (Chris Gillett), in hopes of a promotion. However, Jack is dating the fabulously rich and elegant Demi Clayton (Stephanie Mills), who happens to be Drew'... Learn More
  2. Comeback Dad - DVD

    Comeback Dad - DVD

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    Nima Babineaux has it all. She's an accomplished pianist who runs her own music school and she's engaged to a successful engineer who adores her. But in truth, she's never recovered from her alcoholic father walking out on her family. When her dad unexpectedly decides to mak... Learn More
  3. Cool Dog - DVD

    Cool Dog - DVD

    Cameron Ten Napel, Christa Campbell, Jackson Pace

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    Jimmy, a vibrant ten-year-old boy, lives in the tranquil town of Eagle Rock, La with his father, stepmother and, most importantly, his best friend - a German Shepherd named Rainy. When Jimmy's father gets a promotion, the family must relocate to an apartment in new York City... Learn More
  4. Courage - DVD

    Courage - DVD

    Andrea Roth, Jason Priestley, George Erschbamer

    This taut, family-friendly adventure follows the plight of the Childs family - author Robert (Jason Priestley), his second wife Teresa (Andrea Roth), and Robert's 16-year-old daughter from his first marriage, Christy (Genevieve Buechner) - who are pushed to the brink of di... Learn More
  5. Cowgirls 'N Angels - DVD

    Cowgirls 'N Angels - DVD

    Bailee Madison, James Cromwell

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    Cowgirls 'N Angels tells the story of Ida, a feisty and rebellious young girl who dreams of finding her father, a rodeo rider. While searching for her dad, she connects with the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, a team of young female rodeo riders run by former rodeo star Terence Pa... Learn More
  6. Coyote County Loser - DVD

    Coyote County Loser - DVD

    Beau Clark, Frederic Doss, Nikki Boyer, Various

    A romantic comedy. Can losers find love? Southwest desert radio station K-RAP is struggling to pay the bills when suave radio jock Jack Proctor  zooms through Coyote County on his way to LA to take the gig of a lifetime. When the deal stalls, Jack temps on-air for smal... Learn More
  7. Creed of Gold - DVD

    Creed of Gold - DVD

    Daniel Knudsen, CMD Distribution, Crystal Creek Media

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    In 1917, a secret group financed the Bolshevik Revolution. While this group did not break any laws, were their actions ethically right? Creed of Gold follows three college students as they investigate this shadowy group of individuals who for centuries has manipulated financ... Learn More
  8. Crimes and Mister Meaners - DVD

    Crimes and Mister Meaners - DVD

    Jason Prisk

    Young teenager Jake Harvard is less than thrilled when he learns he is going to stay with his uncle in suburban Washington D.C. for the summer. Upon arrival, he discovers his Uncle Benny runs a detective agency but is an inept bumbler and business hasn’t been good. Jake me... Learn More
  9. Cutback - DVD

    Cutback - DVD

    Bridgestone Multimedia Group

    High School senior Luke Harris dreams of just one thing: pro surfing. With his best friend Casey at his side, they have two goals: surf and party. But Luke's mom and especially dad have other ideas - pick a college and grow up! When Luke learns that a spot is opening up on... Learn More
  10. Dancer and the Dame - DVD
    Best Seller Promotional Banner for Dancer and the Dame - DVD

    Dancer and the Dame - DVD

    Billy Gardell, Gabriel Sabloff, Eva Larue, Pure Flix Entertainment LLC

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    Dancer and the Dame tells the story of Rick Dancer, the finest detective on the force, until a would-be bust went awry and left him picking up the pieces of his formerly stellar reputation. When a friend's computer-whiz son is mugged, Rick jumps at the chance to solve the cr... Learn More

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