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  1. A Mother's Prayer - DVD

    A Mother's Prayer - DVD

    Image Entertainment

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    An estranged family is reunited as a mother's dying wish. Little by little they begin to realize how important it is to put aside their individual problems and learn to focus on the family once again. Product Details: MPAA Rating: PG Run Time: 93 minutesReleased: 01/2010 Learn More
  2. A Path in Time - DVD

    A Path in Time - DVD

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    After Tom's father passes away, he finds a mysterious package that reveals the unexpected - a device that throws Tom into the past where he learns that he has not only traveled back in time, but is vital to protecting it. Tom must discover the secrets of his father's... Learn More
  3. A Perfect Chord - DVD

    A Perfect Chord - DVD

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    Cadence has an incredible musical gift---but she's so troubled by stage fright that nobody knows it. As the daughter of successful sound engineer parents, Cadence feels the pressure to be heard. Mika comes from a classically trained family but lives in the shadow of her ... Learn More
  4. A Shine of Rainbows - DVD

    A Shine of Rainbows - DVD

    Aidan Quinn, Connie Nielsen, Vic Sarin

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    Drama An 8-year-old orphan (John Bell) is adopted by a couple (Aidan Quinn, Connie Nielsen) and taken to live on a beautiful island off the coast of Ireland. The beauty and security of his new life are shattered, however, when his stepfather appears to regard him with di... Learn More
  5. A Walk in My Shoes - DVD

    A Walk in My Shoes - DVD

    Ever judge someone just by looking at them? Of course, we’ve all made snap judgments about people. But what if we really got to know them? How would our opinions change? And what if we were forced to become them…how would the shoes fit then? Stressed-out high sc... Learn More
  6. Abel's Field - DVD

    Abel's Field - DVD

    Kevin Sorbo, Affirm Films/Sony Pictures

    Left motherless by tragedy and abandoned by his father, high school senior Seth McArdle has been put under enormous pressure to support his little sisters. At school, he endures the daily bullying of the football team. When he fights back, he’s singled out for punis... Learn More
  7. Adrenaline - DVD

    Adrenaline - DVD

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    Paralyzed following a drag race, Joseph Jenkins is sure that his life is over. His hospital roommate Elijah, helps him to see a new perspective. As he gets back into competing, he needs to face Jason Skynard, the man he was challenging when the accident occurred. Starring G... Learn More
  8. Adventures in Zambezia - Blu-ray

    Adventures in Zambezia - Blu-ray

    Abigail Breslin, Jeremy Suarez, Leonard Nimoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Wayn...

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    An adventurous young falcon strikes out on his own, and attempts to rescue his father from a ruthless lizard in this high-flying adventure for the entire family. Kai (Jeremy Suarez) may be growing up fast, but his overprotective father Tendai (Samuel L. Jackson) is deter... Learn More
  9. Adventures in Zambezia - DVD

    Adventures in Zambezia - DVD

    Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum, Jeremy Suarez, Leonard Nimoy, Samuel L...

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    When a spirited young falcon named Kai learns of Zambezia, the fabulous city of birds, he goes against his father's wishes and leaves his remote country home. But when his dad is captured by an evil lizard who plans to attack the city, Kai must learn the importance of teamwo... Learn More
  10. Adventures of Bailey the Lost Puppy + Other Doggie Features - DVD

    Adventures of Bailey the Lost Puppy + Other Doggie Features - DVD

    Wesscott Marketing

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    Calling all dog lovers! This fun DVD includes four movies starring our four legged friends - Adventures of Bailey the Lost Puppy, More Than Puppy Love, Bailey's Billions and Lassie: The Painted Hills. Get ready for furry adventure with these daring pups! Adventures of Bailey... Learn More

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