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Twisted Roots

Shelly Goodman Wright
Twisted Roots
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Jessica's sole priority for the past thirteen years has been to keep her father alive in the hope that he will wake up from his coma and save her. Threatening to cut off his life support at any sign of independence, her mother has controlled her life, even to the point of an... Read More


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Jessica's sole priority for the past thirteen years has been to keep her father alive in the hope that he will wake up from his coma and save her. Threatening to cut off his life support at any sign of independence, her mother has controlled her life, even to the point of an arranged engagement to Seth, whom Jessica fears even more than her mother.

When Jessica accepts this most outrageous demand - and then discovers that her father has "passed away" anyway - she knows she has to escape. She runs until she is lost and bewildered in a Georgia swamp, where she discovers the existence of the wonderful place her father hinted at to her when she was only a child. In the magical, unreal world, just as she begins to discover the truth about her twisted family roots, three young men set their eyes on Jessica.

Twisted Roots: A Light Into the Darkness from author Shelly Goodman Wright is a classic story of good vs. evil and of discovering the true magic of our world and its Creator.

Product Details:
Page Count: 384
Released: 06/2012

Additional Information

  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2012
  • UPC: 9781618622105
  • Height: 8.7
  • Width: 5.8
  • Length: 0
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 380
  • Publish Date: Jun 19, 2012
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC042040"
  • ISBN: 1618622102

Customer Reviews

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I read it twice! by Sam on 7/10/12

I'm 11 years old and this is a great book! It made me wonder what was going to happen next.I felt like I was with Jessica and I felt the feelings that Jessica felt. I could see in my head the scenes. I couldn't put the book down. I just loved Shelly's writing she was very detailed. The book was so great that I read it twice! Samantha-Rae

"The swirl of emotions were endless" by Celina on 7/10/12

I must say i didn't think i could read another book and be as intrigued. I just finished reading Twisted Roots by my high school friend Writer-Shelly Goodman-Wright and was so very impressed! This book kept me wanting more. The swirl of emotions were endless and enduring. It was as though i was on the journey with the main character Jessica. The writing was impeccable, captivating and very alluring! Thank you so much Shelly for bringing this story to life, i am so very proud of you!

Home School Mom Thrilled! by Jenny on 6/16/12

I was thrilled to get a copy of Twisted Roots! As a homeschooling mother of five children, some of the hardest things to find in the current market are good books for my adolescent children to read. This book was perfect, mingling adventure, romance, thrill, action, and a perfect amount of faith to create a novel worth allowing my children to read. This book doesn't contain foul language or sex (two issues that seem to permeate the current "suggested" reads for kids of an adolescent age and older). Shelly has a wonderful way of placing you directly in the scene, offering a tantalizing use of most senses. You can picture yourself standing beside Jessica, feeling her feelings. I cannot wait for more books from this author, as I can see her high standards of ethics and morality in her writings! Get the book, sit back, and be captivated for a won't want to put it down!!!

Romance with a Christian twist... by Katie on 6/16/12

As an educator that has researched purchasing appropriate books for young adults, I'm really pleased to see a book on the market that offers a range of themes and a good message! I am almost finished with this book and it has been very easy as an adult even to be swept away into the events happening to Jessica and her experiences. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy romance, suspense, mystery with a Christian twist! I will eagerly look forward to more books in this series.

NO SLEEP! by Melanie on 6/16/12

I got the book in Tuesday and decided to read a chapter or two while in bed to get a feel for it. So, yeah, that didn't work out so well. I FINALLY closed the book at 2:30 a.m. but only because I could no longer see the words. lol. I finished it first thing the next morning. Rarely does a book draw me in with the first chapter. Seriously one of the top 5 books I have EVER read. I am in awe of your writing talent and CAN'T WAIT for the sequel.

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Additional Customer Reviews

You feel like your in the story... by Brook on 6/10/12

I have read a couple of the drafts of Twisted Roots to include the first one. I loved it from the start. Shelly has such a wonderful imagination. I am one of those super picky readers, if it doesn't catch me in the first chapter I am done. This book not only caught me in the first chapter it made me want to read it again and again every time she needed some one to look it over :). I highly recommend anything that Shelly writes, My favorite character would have to be Jessica because you can feel what she is feeling in the way that it is written. You can sense her dread, her happy times, sad times, when she is scared. You feel like you are in the story with her. I am looking forward to the sequel coming out. I have also read THE IRREVERSIBLE CATASTROPHE OF PROFESSOR BABCOCK among other stuff she has written.

What a blessing... by Laura on 6/10/12

I have read a draft or 2 of Twisted Roots by Shelly Wright and can't wait for the final copy! Her writing and flow make it so easy to get lost in Jessica's world. I love how she pulls you in from the very beginning and keeps your interest all the way through. Jessica is such a memorable character. You relate to her feelings and can't help but become attached to her life. It is so satisfying to read to the end of this book. I wont ruin it for anyone but I can't wait for the the sequel!!! Excellent writing, excellent story, excellent characters! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world Shelly!! What a blessing!
Can't wait for the book Shelly!

A great read... by Sangita on 6/10/12

In a story which will appeal to youth and adult alike, Shelly Wright weaves a rich tapestry of love and deceit. The struggle in Jessica's teenage mind as she encounters Hunter's pure love and the dangerous attraction of Davior is played out extremely well. The story takes on a path beyond this however. Adding different dimensions to the tale, plots emerge by Jessica's mother, with her unquenchable hunger for power, and a malicious fiance from whom she has run away. A great read.
Sangita Kalarickal

A must read.. by Pam on 6/10/12

This book is a must-read! It will appeal to teens as well as older readers as there is suspense, drama, and the much-loved good against evil. The descriptions of scenes made me feel like I was right there, seeing it all laid out in front of me. That's how a great book should be! Thanks Shelly! I will definitely be sharing this book!
Pam Lee

Love it, love it, love it by Dee on 6/10/12

I love this story. It is so amazing b/c there is something in it for all ages. It is a beautiful Christian based story that crosses all genres. I highly recommend this book for all. It is an awesome read!! I am so proud of Shelly. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!
Davlynn "Dee" Meeks

This is the kind of books I look for... by Gloria on 6/10/12

I love reading Shelly's books (Twisted Roots and the one in Steampunk Tales). I love Christian fiction and when I look for books in the Christian book stores this is the kind of books I look for. As far as a favorite character in Twisted Roots I have no preference. She is a good writer and I enjoy reading her books.
Gloria Anderson

I can't wait to read... by Becky on 6/10/12

"I read Shelly's short story in the steampunk magazine. It was so captivating and left me wanting more! I can't wait to read this book!"

I am hooked! by Vanessa on 6/10/12

"I have read Twisted Roots and LOVED it. Great story and perfectly written. This is the first book of Shelly's I have read and I am hooked. Can't wait for more! "

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