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Irene Hannon
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When librarian Laura Griffith's sixteen-year-old sister disappears on a frigid February day, leaving only a brief note behind, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to track down the runaway teen, including recruiting ATF agent turned PI James "Dev" Devlin to help. But the ... Read More

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Softcover - Book 2
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When librarian Laura Griffith's sixteen-year-old sister disappears on a frigid February day, leaving only a brief note behind, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to track down the runaway teen, including recruiting ATF agent turned PI James "Dev" Devlin to help.

But the deeper Dev digs, the more he begins to suspect that something sinister is at work in the girl's disappearance. And the closer he gets to uncovering the truth, the clearer it becomes that the situation isn't just dangerous - it's deadly.

Chilling and at times terrifying, Trapped is the second book in the Private Justice series from Irene Hannon, the queen of romantic suspense. Hannon outdoes herself with this fast-paced tale of fear, deception and just the right dose of romance.

Product Details:
Page Count: 400
Released: 09/2013
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover - Book 2
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2013
  • UPC: 9780800721244
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 393
  • Publish Date: Sep 1, 2013
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC027110"
  • ISBN: 0800721241

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Great read in Inspirational Romantic Suspense by Karen (karencollier.com) on 1/14/2014

When Laura Griffith's teenage sister Darcy runs away from home, Laura is determined to track her down and bring her back safely. Laura hires private investigator and former ATF agent James "Dev" Devlin in the hope that with his help, they will be able to find Darcy quickly, before she becomes victim to the winter weather or to unsavory characters. But as time goes on and the trail gets cold, Dev and Laura begin to suspect the worst. Will they be able to find Darcy before it's too late?

Fraught with danger, brimming with suspense, this tale is one that kept me turning the pages. I'm already a big fan of Irene Hannon's novels, and I've looked forward to reading Trapped with a great deal of anticipation, particularly since learning that this latest novel features a librarian as its heroine. Yes, I am slightly biased on that point, being a librarian myself, but there you have it. I'm pleased to report that Trapped did not disappoint. Once again, Hannon has lived up to her reputation as queen of inspirational romantic suspense.

I enjoyed watching the romance blossom between hero and heroine over the course of the book, but the element that made this story stand out in my mind was Hannon's portrayal of the villain. Early on, you know that there's something not quite right about him, but the more you learn about his background and the current situation over the course of the story, the creepier the situation becomes and the more the suspense is heightened. I am impressed with Hannon's ability to craft a complex believable villain who is capable of committing heinous crimes and yet believes that what he's doing is for the best. It makes for a fascinating read.

I read and reviewed Vanished, the first book in this series, not that long ago. As I read this one, I was struck by how similar the two novels are to each other. There were quite a few deja vu moments for me, as I read scenes that felt eerily familiar because of their parallels to similar scenes in the earlier novel. If you have read Vanished, you will enjoy getting reacquainted with a number of familiar characters and meeting some new ones. If you have not read it yet, don't worry. The books complement each other but do not depend upon each other to understand and follow the story. In my opinion, you won't be missing anything should you decide to read them out of order.

For those who enjoy reading inspirational romantic suspense, I highly recommend Trapped, as well as its predecessor Vanished. I'm looking forward to reading the next in this series. From what I've heard, Deceived is due out this summer, and if it's anything like the first two in the Private Justice series, it should be a treat.

Thank you to the publisher, Revell, for providing me with a complimentary copy of the book through NetGalley for review purposes. For some great discussion questions, check out the author's web site.

Compelling Story by Smiling Sally on 9/3/2013

Do you have a sibling who rubs you the wrong way? There are two sisters in this Christian fiction novel that experience a tug-of-war. What a compelling story! It contains a TON of suspense and a bit of romance.The pace is perfect--not a dip in the tension. Situations are true to life. The ending surprised me. I loved this book!

Characters are written so that the reader quickly connects. It's as if I really know them and can feel their struggles. I enjoyed reconnecting with Phoenix, Inc. private investigator Cal Burke and his bride, Moira. I admire the way this firm conducts business. This is one advantage the reader has by reading each book in a series. I look forward to reading the third in this series.

Although this novel is the second in a series, it can easily be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

Thank you to Lanette Haskins at Baker Publishing Group for my copy.

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