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The Song

Jed King's life has been shaped by the songs and mistakes of his famous father. He wants to sing his own song, but the words and melody are elusive. Haunted by the scars inflicted by his broken family, Jed's dreams of a successful music career seem out of reach...until he me... Read More

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Audiobook on CD (Unabridged)
Item # 1557823

Jed King's life has been shaped by the songs and mistakes of his famous father. He wants to sing his own song, but the words and melody are elusive. Haunted by the scars inflicted by his broken family, Jed's dreams of a successful music career seem out of reach...until he meets Rose.

As romance quickly blooms, Jed pens a new song and suddenly finds himself catapulted into stardom. But with this life of fame comes temptation, the same temptation that lured his father so many years ago.

Set in the fertile mid-South, this quest for success leads Jed and Rose on a journey that will force them to deal with the pain of loss, failure, and the desire to be who God created them to be.

Lyrical and deeply honest, The Song asks the hard questions of love and forgiveness. When even the wisest of men are fools in love, can true love persevere?
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Audiobook on CD (Unabridged)
  • Release Date: Dec 11, 2014
  • UPC: 9781501219757
  • Volumes/Discs: 7
  • Pages: 0
  • Publish Date: Jan 1, 2015
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC000000"
  • ISBN: 1501219758

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There is a Time for Everything Under the Sun by Babbling Becky L on 3/24/2015

This book made from the movie was so real-to-life, it captivated my time and emotions until I was crying my way through it. In this modern-day retelling of the Song of Solomon(and Ecclesiastes) by Chris Fabry, first I felt for Rose who had picked such a poor boyfriend as Eddie. Then I joyfully flew through the pages as Rose meets Jed King, young son of a famous country music star and is wooed by him. Then I watched as Rose and Jed start out their newlywed life (all clean) and produce Shep's (Rose's father) pride and joy, Ray.

Then of course, trouble enters paradise as Jed begins to have difficulty balancing his home life with his life on the road. Will the love and faith Rose and Jed share be strong enough to overcome insurmountable odds, or will they throw it all away as life moves forward?

Chris Fabry and Richard Ramsey in the movie before him bring to life richly drawn, plausible characters who are first drawn together then apart in an touching, agonizing read. You'll want to reach out and shake the players...or physically stand in the way of others. A memorable, haunting tale with lessons applicable to any marriage.

Favorite quotes:"Trust is earned. ONE INCH at a time."
"...if she lived her whole life that way, she'd be paralyzed. Love told fear to hit the highway. Perfect love believed the best and acted on the truth and not what might happen."

Due to the subject matter, I would recommend this book for mature readers. I gratefully received this book from bookfun.org in exchange for an honest review.

Heart Warming and Heart Wrenching by Suzie on 1/5/2015

This weekend I was reminded that sometimes an ending is not always a happy one when I read a beautiful blog post by Rachel Hauck. Sometimes life takes a turn we never expected. Sometimes we quit focusing on God and the world (and Satan) creep into our lives. Sometimes life hurts. "The Song" demonstrates this perfectly.

Jed King is passionate about music but is known as “David King’s son”. When Jed agrees to sing at a small festival at a vineyard, he meets Rose. He is quickly drawn to her and falls in love. While on their honeymoon, Jed writes a song about her from his heart–a song that catapults him to stardom. While Jed tours and Rose is left at home to care for their son, the couple who thought everything would remain the same between them learns that marriage is much harder than waiting and planning the wedding. Jed is surrounded by tempation on the road and Rose feels as if Jed only cares about one thing from her. The couple continues to grow apart until their marriage is in shambles and hurt and distrust bleed their relationship dry. What happens when a man who once loved God turns to the world? Can the woman who once loved him forgive the heartache he caused?

the song quote

Interestingly enough, this book was actually adapted from a movie (yes, it’s usually the other way around but maybe this should happen more often). A book allows so much more depth and insight into the characters. Chris Fabry does an excellent job of portraying the emotions of Jed and Rose as their relationship grows at the beginning and then falls apart. This serves as a reminder to couples that taking your eyes off God and looking to the world for pleasure is damaging to both yourself and others, that not speaking up in a relationship because you don’t want to be considered a nag or needy is a detriment, and that the decisions you make will haunt and shadow you long after the temporary high from giving into temptation. Beautifully written and engaging, "The Song" will pull at your heartstrings. Now I’m going to have to watch the movie….

****Tyndale Publishers provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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