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The Language of Love & Respect Workbook

Emerson Eggerichs
The Language of Love & Respect Workbook

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The Language of Love & Respect Workbook

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Finally, an answer for the number one problem in marriage - communication! This analysis of the vital principles of cross-gender communication will help couples recognize they speak two different languages. They are sending each other messages in "code" but won't be able to crack that code until they realize that she listens to hear the language of love and he listens for respect.

Dr. Eggerichs' best-selling book, Love & Respect, launched a revolution in how couples relate to each other. Now with The Language of Love and Respect companion workbook, the message of his book can be studied and applied either in a small group or by individual couples. The result will be better communication, mutual understanding, and a successful godly marriage.

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Page Count: 176
Released: 10/2009
  • Product type: Default

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