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The Genesis Code

Logan Bartholomew
The Genesis Code
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Kerry Wells (Kelsey Sanders), a college journalist and committed Christian with an effervescent personality, has been assigned to do a story on Blake Truman (Logan Bartholomew) the college’s newest hockey superstar. As a relationship between them begins to develop, Kerry d... Read More


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Kerry Wells (Kelsey Sanders), a college journalist and committed Christian with an effervescent personality, has been assigned to do a story on Blake Truman (Logan Bartholomew) the college’s newest hockey superstar. As a relationship between them begins to develop, Kerry discovers that Blake is secretly struggling through a difficult personal crisis and carrying a secret he has kept hidden for years.

When Kerry suggests that prayer might help, he scoffs at the idea, convinced that modern science completely disproves the Bible from the very opening verses of Genesis. Kerry - who is herself suddenly confronted with a challenge to her faith on another front - sets out to prove that science and Genesis are not in conflict. Her quest leads to a startling revelation: Could it be that what science teaches us about creation and the story as told in Genesis are both true and in perfect accord?

The Genesis Code explores the relationship between faith and science, and explores the idea that the two are not as conflicting as once thought.

Product Details:
Dove Family-Approved for ages 12 and up.
MPAA Rating: PG
Format: Color, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 130 Minutes
Released: 05/2012

Additional Information

  • Product type: Video
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: Mar 6, 2012
  • UPC: 741952718390
  • Height: 0
  • Width: 0
  • Length: 0
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Rating: PG
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: None
  • Volumes/Discs: 1

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Customer Reviews

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Brilliant! by Johnny on 5/25/2014

I am not a man of faith,but was moved by this film. The cast,script,direction,all were spot on! Especially the Reverend!
He was terrific! Lance is always marvelous!
Sad to see all these bad reviews?
You can pick apart any film,really?
How about everyone just enjoy this courageous effort and share it's passionate message!

science is catching up to Truth by ultima on 8/14/2013

Einstein was better than the some of us at putting it into scientific fact - but he knew he was onto something when he reminded his school teacher of the fact that "darkness" is defined as the LACK of light and perhaps a world without God would be a place lacking love. This movie tries to shed light upon the fact that there are patterns and parallels between science and religion. It's purpose is to open minds and instill a sense of the possibilities (something which the previous reviewer "mother of 4" needs to instill in her children, she who called it all "bad theology" and "bad science" - was that based off of research?) Thank you to FC for making movies like these available!

science will some day catch up with truth by quality not quantity on 8/14/2013

...Einstein was just better at putting it into scientific practice. There are patterns and parallels between Science and Religion - we're just catching on. Apparently, the movie's theory is too simplistic for some people to accept - those who call it "bad science & theology" (were those statements by another reviewer based off of research?) The point is to get people thinking and open one's mind to the possibilities - something which I hope all mothers can instill in their young children. Thank you to FCB for making movies like this available, in times like these!

"But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good" 1 Thessalonians 5:21 by Science College Christian on 2/6/2013

At first when I watched this movie I was completely on board with the science/creation mash that is protrayed. I am a biology student in College and found it often very hard not to protest every time my teacher says "3.8 billion years ago". So to find that both science and creation go together was releiving.

However, upon reading the bible and praying, i do not beleive the two views match and that is because the science the secular world has used to date the world in terms of billions is under much speculation even among non-christians. In fact, the age of the world ranges highly depending on what viewpoint you choose as a scientist. If you trace back the geneological accounts given in the bible, (Adam lived 900 years, his son lived ___years, his son lived___ years, ect) the world is 6000 years old, which even some secular scientists agree with based of other evidence that is being discovered. Also the movie gives the idea that a "day" for God is measured by the constant measurement of light, which is 3.5 trillion times faster than our measurment of time being a revolution of the earth around the sun. So what took 6 days for God, we measure as 15 billion years. But in the bible God says "there was morning and evening, the first day" while this movie tells us during that day, billions of years (and trillions of morings and evenings) passed by in the same amount of time.

This movie gets you thinking. But test everything and hold onto what is good. Do not just agree with it without studying the word, because in a year or 100 years science may ACTUALLY catch up with the bible in that the earth is 6,000 years old, not 15.75 billion.

bad science - bad theology by mom of 4 on 1/29/2013

I wish I would have looked at reviews before buying this film. It is the story of how a college student lost her faith in God's Word and it promotes it as a wonderful thing! She starts out the film defending creation and by the end believes in evolution. The "science" they provide is bad science, does not even make sense, and the "theology" they promote is compromised bad theology. I was disappointed that Family CHRISTIAN Stores sold this to me.

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Additional Customer Reviews

Our Church loved this movie!! by Pastor Lance on 4/9/2012

We took a large group of people to see The Genesis code when it was in theaters around here and we loved it. Many of us went back and saw it again. Well worth it.

Why ruin what could have been a good movie compromising Gods Word by Pastor Bill on 4/3/2012

was very excited about this movie, went out and bought it and watched it, just to find out we compromised God's Word into having people believe in a secular worldview.Read and study Genesis Chpt 1-11and ask God to reveal the truth We need to as Christians to stand for all of God's Word and not give in to the secular worldview, build your Christian Worldview on God's true Word.

Awesome Movie! by Krissy on 3/28/2012

A great movie for the whole family! It fostered much discussion!

new perspective on creation. by nimble on 3/28/2012

The storyline is engaging and relationships are well developed.
I most enjoyed the view of how God created the universe and our
world. This movie has given me a new appreciation of creation and God's greatness.

..see it with friends..you'll have lots to talk about! by Warren on 3/27/2012

A very well done movie that also makes you think..I saw it in the theater and will be buying several copies to give away..looking forward to this company's next movie.

Great movie that blends science and faith by Christian Geek on 3/26/2012

A "thinking" movie that had a Biblical worldview underpinning the plot. I saw this movie when it was in theaters, and will be buying my own copy at Family. If you have teenagers, or even adult children that have questions about the relationship between faith and science, get them a copy of this movie.

Movie that makes you examine both sides by Creationist on 3/26/2012

I was pleasantly surprised that this movie worked as well as it did! The theology was good and it presented the gospel in a very different way. The acting was well above most Christian films as well as the quality of the whole movie.

Loved It!! by Mabel T on 3/26/2012

Saw it in the theaters and can't wait to get my copy. Now if only the Family store in Grand Rapids still had any left...

A new favorite! by Henry'sMom on 3/26/2012

The Genesis Code was both entertaining and thought-provoking. We were also pleasantly surprised to see quite a few familiar 'Hollywood' faces. The combination of hockey and a budding romance made this one a real crowd-pleaser at our house. I'm glad this one's in our dvd collection -- we'll be watching it again!

Worth Watching by Parent on 3/22/2012

Very good movie. I would recommend purchasing for a Easter gift for teenagers.

Merger of Faith and Science by loaner on 3/21/2012

The God who created the universe also created science, so faith and science are in complete accord. This movie links faith and science in such a way I've not seen before, so it is very thought provoking. Wrap that in a boy meets girl story while they wrestle with other issues common to many of us and you end up with a great movie. I also love the way it exposes the hypocrisy of the post-modern professor who pressures Kerry to renounce her faith to "make it" in the scientific community.

Compromise of biblical authority by Me on 3/19/2012

The movie starts off in the wrong direction when it unquestioningly accepts "millions of years" as the starting point and then tries to reinterpret the Bible to fit, when they should start with the Bible and interpret the facts in light of what the Bible says. There is no "code" in Genesis. God was extremely clear spelling out his creation in 6 literal days. Check out answersingenesis.org for articles or resources to see how science actually fits the Bible.

Good Story & Great Message by PastorBob on 3/16/2012

First this is a movie about people who struggle to find answers to the basic questions of life. The characters are easy to relate to because they are asking the questions everyone asks.

Second, this is a movie that takes the message of Genesis 1-2 and the findings of science seriously. This is a movie that doesn't seek to bash science nor deny the message of Creation. I found the proposed resolution compelling.

Check it out- you'll be blessed.

Well written and fun by JimmyCash on 3/15/2012

I really enjoyed this movie and watched it with my entire family. Not only does it provide an interesting take on science, the Bible, and creation, but it also has a great storyline. I'm a big hockey fan and really liked that aspect of the movie and thought the way that they incorporated Blake's mother was really well done. THIS IS WORTH WATCHING!!!!!!

Great! by GRCollegekid on 3/15/2012

This film is great in combining elements of faith and science and was just fun to watch.

We need more movies like The Genesis Code by thecrwmstr on 3/14/2012

We need more movies like The Genesis Code. This is a great movie whether you already believe God created the universe or not. I've never seen the Biblical account of creation and laws of science married in such an interesting way. The Genesis Code is a must-see for the Christan or non-Christian alike.

Well made movie positioning the science/creation debate in ways anyone can understand by Wow! on 3/6/2012

I was a bit skeptical that this movie could pull off what it was purporting to do, but I must say, it did just that. I have a huge interest in the arean of creation and origins, but my wife is only mildly interested. We watched this movie together and she even enjoyed the science parts because they were so well told. The message is basically given in the middle of the movie surrounded by "movie" which made it very enjoyable, for both the fans of the genre (like me) and for movie fans in general (like my wife).

Whether you are a young earth prononent, an old earth creationist, a evolutionist or just like movies in general, this one is definitely one to own and add to your collection.

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