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Amplified The Everyday Life Bible - Pewter Graphite Bonded Leather

Joyce Meyer / Amplified
Amplified The Everyday Life Bible - Pewter Graphite Bonded Leather
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Reading this Bible is like having Joyce Meyer sitting next to you, teaching you chapter-by-chapter and precept-by-precept! Not only will you learn more—you'll be able to share this new understanding with your family and friends in a practical and down-to-earth manner. Spe... Read More

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Pewter Graphite Bonded Leather
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Reading this Bible is like having Joyce Meyer sitting next to you, teaching you chapter-by-chapter and precept-by-precept! Not only will you learn more—you'll be able to share this new understanding with your family and friends in a practical and down-to-earth manner.

Special features include:
  • Life Points, drawing a straight line from Scripture to your personal experience
  • Everyday Life articles, featuring Meyer's insightful commentary on specific passages
  • Putting the Word to Work, offering some of Joyce's questions to encourage introspection, then action
  • Book introductions, including brief facts, at the beginning of each book of the Bible
  • Amplified Bible text
  • Ribbon marker
  • Presentation page
  • 9-point text size

Product Details:
Binding: Bonded Leather, Pewter
Language: English
Weight: 3.35 pounds
Dimensions: 2.00" x 7.30" x 10.10"
Font Size: 9.0 point
Page Count: 2181
Released: 10/2004
  • Product type: Bible
  • Format: Pewter Graphite Bonded Leather
  • Release Date: Oct 7, 2009
  • Height: 2
  • Width: 7.3
  • Length: 10.1
  • Runtime Length: 0
  • Publish Date: Oct 1, 2009
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • ISBN: 9780446559324
  • Translation: Amplified
  • Print Size: 9.5
  • Binding: Bonded Leather
  • Type: General Use
  • Audience stage life: Adult

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This bible is a blessing! by Ayana on 1/13/2015

I'm a huge Joyce Meyer supporter. I've been reading the AMP version since I began listening to her sermons. I love Joyce Meyer because although her bible has commentary, she never overshadows the Word of God, instead she has drawn me closer to God's Word. And a true bonus is how BEAUTIFUL the bible is! I love my Pewter leather. I was so pleasantly surprised upon receiving the bible that it has gold trimmed pages! You will enjoy.

Excellent Personal Application Bible by ElainaM on 10/25/2012

Let me start this review off by saying: if you are reading this review I am assuming that you like Joyce Meyer and appreciate her teachings AND you are at least familiar with the Amplified Bible translation so I won't be talking about these two things.

The Bible I bought is the Everyday Life Bible in bonded leather. The cover is pewter with a floral design imprinted on it. I find it to be very beautiful. The cover itself is stiff but I don't find this to be an issue and assume it will loosen up as it gets used. The cover looks and feels very durable, I have no hesitation carrying this Bible around. The Bible is large but not HUGE and I found it to be surprisingly light for a Bible of it's size. It's comfortable to hold and carry. The Bible has a sewn binding and lays flat when open. The only thing I find odd about the design of this bible is the cover is pewter/silverish, the pages are gilded in gold and the ribbon is blue. I don't dislike this just find the color uses amusing...still a very pretty bible.

Inside, there is a presentation page for personalizing the Bible. I personally didn't use this page since I had my name engraved on the cover but if you plan to give this Bible as a gift it's a nice feature to have. The font is 10 point and dark making the text comfortable to read, I have poor eyesight and I don't strain when reading this Bible. The pages themselves are the typical thin Bible pages and there is some ghosting (seeing the words from the other side). I used a yellow dry-highlighter and pencil for making notes in my Bible and there is no bleed-through. I would not suggest using normal highlighters or pens though. The Bible text is black and Joyce's notes are in what I would describe purplish/brown. It's a complimentary color just not sure what the actual name of the color is,lol. The words of Jesus are not in red which is a little disappointing but maybe the designers of this Bible felt that red letters alongside the black and purplish/brown text would be too distracting.

For the features: There are cross references included in this Bible but they are end-of-verse references not center-column. There are also footnotes included. Joyce Meyer's notes and commentary are arranged nicely in this Bible and the pages don't feel cluttered or distracting from the Bible text. There is no concordance which is a bit of a disappointment. Instead you will find in the back indexes to the special features and 13 lined pages for notes. I am not too worked up about there not being a concordance (although I would have preferred to have one in my Bible) since on my phone I can use my Bible app and search keywords to find scriptures. One feature I absolutely love in this Bible is the wide margins. I measured and the margin at the top of the page is nearly 1-inch and the margins on the sides and bottom of the page is 1/2-inch. I have lots of room for making notes and I don't have to write in micro-letters either.

Special Features (Joyce Meyer's commentary):
*Book Introductions--Joyce's thoughts on why each book is important and how it relates to practical living.
*Everyday Life Articles--Highlights of Joyce's teachings to help you apply specific biblical truths to your life.
*Life Points--Short quotes and comments from Joyce offering you encouragement and wisdom during challenging times.
*Putting The Word To Work--Questions that enable you to evaluate your life in light of biblical truth and instruction.
*Speak The Word--Versus adapted to be first-person confessions or prayers, bringing biblical promises to a new and personal level.

Overall, this is an excellent quality Bible in both function and design. It is not your typical study Bible rather a personal application Bible and I couldn't be happier. I would recommend this Bible to anyone who wants to learn how to make the Bible personal to them and in their walk with the Lord.


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