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The Difference You Make
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Every one of us has influence, whether we realize it or not. In everything we say and do, we are influencing those around us. What if we became more aware, more intentional and more strategic about our own influence? We might just change the world. In The Difference You Make... Read More

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Every one of us has influence, whether we realize it or not. In everything we say and do, we are influencing those around us. What if we became more aware, more intentional and more strategic about our own influence? We might just change the world.

In The Difference You Make: Changing Your World Through the Impact of Your Influence, author Pat Williams says that true influence isn't about getting what you want - it's about serving others. Using personal stories from his own life and the lives of others, Williams shows us the difference between influence and manipulation, how to influence others through both words and deeds and ultimately, how to change the world for the better, one relationship at a time.

This book will inspire you to build a positive legacy in the lives of others and take the role of influencer to heart. Each chapter includes questions and ideas for personal reflection and practical application, and can be used to guide group discussions as well. The book includes a foreword by Joe Girardi, manager of the New York Yankees.

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Page Count: 224
Released: 02/2013
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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Release Date: Jan 2, 2013
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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful by Margie on 5/20/2013

The Difference You Make is a book that I will be reading again, it holds so much life changing principles .
It is about how our experences can make a difference in our lives and how we influence others by the way we handle ourselves in times of adversity . Pat also talks about change , if you think something should be changed, you shouldn't expect someone else to do it. It's my responsiblity to take action and change it. these are wise words to live by daily.
I encourage you to read this book .

I received a free copy through The Book Club Network.

You Can Make A Difference! by Nancee on 4/30/2013

Pat Williams is senior vice president and co-founder of the Orlando Magic basketball team and a well-known motivational speaker who shares valuable lessons regarding how to impact and influence others. His vast experience with numerous successful individuals of influence has played a significant role in establishing and sharing the concrete steps to becoming an influential person. Athletes play a major role in influencing countless people through their attitudes and actions. The old adage, "Action speaks louder than words" strikes a cord in how people react to those influencers. People can be impressed by others, but they are influenced by how we treat others. Our words and actions have a great deal of impact on others. By using examples of well-known and popular individuals Pat Williams has created a wealth of information pertaining to the successful actions and influence these influencers have on our lives. Mentoring is a valuable action in how we proceed in impacting others. A person of great influence knows how to build others up and empower them to emulate those character traits themselves. In our attempts to influence others our deeds need to reflect our words or there is no credibility. We can talk the talk, but being a true influencer we need to walk the walk and set the pace for those who are observing us.

Pat Williams has written a very interesting and informative book, sharing his experiences with numerous famous individuals who have had a major influence in his life. He introduces the reader to many famous sports people, motivators and high achievers. His diagnosis and treatment for cancer have also impacted his life, and he shares his reactions very openly and in a candid manner. His philosophy of being truthful sets a positive pace in this highly motivational book. His basic principals for how to go about becoming a positive influence on those around us are valuable lessons we can all put into use every day in every way.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book by BookFun.org in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and I have received no monetary compensation for this review. Thank you to Fred St. Laurent from The Book Club Network and Revell for offering this reviewer program.

Learning to Become Better Influencers by Dea Mundy on 4/6/2013

Pat Williams uses his experiences with cancer and his career to show us how each of us can make a difference in the lives of others. He provides though provoking questions at the end of each chapter that makes you reach inside yourself and see what experiences you have that relate to the chapter. Williams provides each of us the initiative to be good influencers to those around us and stand firm in our beliefs. We are all influencers regardless of whether or not we want the responsibility. It is how we use our influence that maters. We should always remember to “pay forward” and be the best influencer we can be. This means that if we have had bad influncers in our lives, we should strive all the more to rescue others from that situation and show a positive influence in their lives. The more good we spread, the better we can help steer others in the right direction.

Disclaimer: I received this book from www.bookfun.org in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Change your world one influence at a time. by inspiremichelle on 3/31/2013

The Difference you make by Pat Williams with Jim Denney
An uplifting book sure to inspire greatness. The author Pat Williams uses his experiences as a ball player, sports manger and motivation speaker to show us how to use our influence to change the world or at least our world. He has influenced the world by raising 19 children, being mentors to many in the sports world. He has faced the hardship of multiple myeloma cancer with his eye on the prize, eternity with Christ. His influence shows us how to live a life of strong moral character. Accountability, honesty, courage, perseverance, integrity, self-control and generosity lead to a full life of positive influence to others and can be used as a model of leadership worthy of the great leaders. The author gives you life changing principles to change your own leadership abilities.

Wisdom Penned by Pat Williams by Janice Garey on 3/26/2013

As I came to the end of The Difference You Make, my immediate response was, "Thank You, God, for Pat Williams." I felt tremendously blessed to have been in his company, through his authorship, along with the others whose stories are told in the book. The Bible advises in Proverbs for us to seek wisdom, and this book is a fount of wisdom. The best words spoken, by some of the most encouraging people of the past and today, were infused to my being as I read the book. I am not the typical follower of sports and its celebrities. Even so, I found the book to transcend the category of being only for sports enthusiasts.

The Difference You Make is a book I want to keep handy for future reference, hopefully for reading on an annual basis. I am also recommending it to my son who is graduating from college in about a month. He will be following the right and fruitful path of life if he applies the wisdom in this book. I would give his whole graduating class a copy of the book if I could.

I received a free copy through The Book Club Network. I promised to read the book and give an honest review which I have done.

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