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Seek Me with All Your Heart

Beth Wiseman
Seek Me with All Your Heart
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Item # 1328334

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Seek Me With All Your Heart by Beth Wiseman by Tina on 12/1/2013

Seek Me With All Your Heart, A Land Of Canaan Novel by Beth Wiseman*****

While living in Middlefield, Ohio Emily Detweiler was a victim of a tragic event making her very nervous, even fearful around any men, with the exception of her family. Everything she believed in was badly shaken, even her faith. Her family decides to move to a small Amish community in Colorado in hopes she can put it all in the past, recover and move forward. Emily helps in the family's store, but even after being there three months she continues to avoid being alone in the store. What if a man comes in and she is the only one there? How can she get past the fear of other men, learn to trust again?

David Stoltzfus and his family just moved from Lancaster Pennsylvania to Colorado. He doesn't plan to stay however. He is moving back to Lancaster as soon as he has saved enough money to do so. He doesn't understand why they had to move in the first place. Besides that the house they moved into is nothing like back home. It is run down and needs a lot of work to make it liveable. His aunt and uncle moved along with them and they have a small house not far from the larger house which is in somewhat better shape.

David's first encounter with Emily at the store was a little strange. He had not behaved well, had an attitude when he walked in which seemed to make the woman upset to the point she asked him not to hurt her and began to cry. Thankfully her brother Jacob came in and sent the girl home. He didn't understand what happened to make her so upset and assured Jacob that he didn't do anything to her. Then a young girl came storming in and demanded to know if he was the one who upset Emily. He learned that the young girl is Emily and Jacob's sister. David wasn't sure what to make of the women in this family and maybe it would be a good idea to stay clear of them. It didn't matter much though as he had no plans to stay in Colorado for long.

Both Emily and David have problems from their past and both feel they are unworthy. But as they begin to trust themselves and each other they find they are drawn to each other, something neither one wants. David is not well and doesn't think he will ever be able to marry and have a family. Emily is sure if he finds out what happened to her he will see her differently as would any man looking for a wife. Their families develop a friendship and help each other adjust to this new community as well as those who live in this small Amish community. But, what happens if their secrets are found out? Will their fragile trust be shattered? God has a plan for each of them.

This story is in a different setting than I have read in the past. I enjoyed reading about a different part of our country where Amish have settled. It is a good story full of unexpected and surprising twists and turns; weaving in faith, trust, family, community, forgiveness, love and so much more. Beth Wiseman certainly tells a believable story.

~~I received a complementary copy of this book from the author and Amish Living.~~
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