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Give Hope | Education | Food | Water | The eyes of all look to you in hope; you give them their food as they need it. –Psalm 145:15 NLT

Your donations are helping feed families!
The drought’s effect on corn’ diet
The drought’s effect on corn, which is essential
to Guatemalans’ diet

Last November, we shared with you how families in Guatemala were still seeing the effects a drought in 2014 had on their food supply. Many of you donated to help purchase dry ingredients, including corn, rice, beans and salt, for Pray America to distribute to the neediest families in Chichicastenango.

We’re thrilled to announce that your generous donations have raised enough for 1,733 food kits! Each food kit contains 52 pounds of food and will feed a family for 30–45 days.

Thank you! See how God’s amazing plan unfolded >

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Ron Morin

“God said, ‘there’s going to be some difficult times coming and be prepared,”
said Ron Morin, Founder and Director of Pray America/Manos de Jesus, recounting his call from God to build a bodega.

Ron Morin, Founder and Director of Pray America/Manos de Jesus, was concerned. While his ministry currently operates three weekly feeding programs, it couldn’t make up for the food shortage due to last year’s drought. He wondered, how would Guatemalans survive if the drought returned?

Ron asked God, and He answered: Build a bodega. But Ron really didn’t have the money for a bodega, which is a food storehouse. “Well, you have dirt,” God told him. “Start making adobe block.”

Ron obeyed, and his ministry team made about 4,000 adobe block—a mixture of mud, pine needles, dirt and water—and let it sit for three weeks so it could harden. Then God responded again when Ron was contacted by a man who said God put on his heart to donate money to Pray America for a special project. Those funds would pay for the bodega’s roof.

The bodega’s construction was complete in June 2015. Now, the need is to fill it with dry, natural food—corn, rice, beans and salt—that Guatemalans can survive on. The food stored in the bodega will keep 10,000 Guatemalans fed for one year. As soon as we help fill the bodega, Pray America will begin distributing the dry food to families with the greatest need in the Chichicastenango region.

These gifts give back!

We deeply desire to serve people in need, and we have a love of all things cool, practical and fun . . . so we combined those two things to create a wonderful, exclusive line of gifts that give back.

Your purchase of any of the gifts below will help provide two meals for a child in one of Pray America’s feeding programs.

Pray America operates three feeding programs in the villages of Paquixic, Xepocol and Saquilla in the Chichicastenango region. Twice a week, children arrive at their feeding program for Bible study and a nourishing meal. With a basic diet of tortillas with salt, Guatemalans aren’t starving but are greatly malnourished. Pray America tries to balance their meals with meat, pasta, vegetables and fruit. They’ve run the programs for 13 years and currently provide 5,000 meals a month to children.

Meet Micaela and her family

Michaela and her children
Micaela with her children in front of their home in Chichicastenango

Micaela, 36, and her husband were together 14 years before he left her for another woman—he would also leave behind their two children, Debora, 12, and Freddie, 5. Her husband treated her badly and abused her. After the separation, living was tough. Sometimes she and her family would only eat once a day, maybe twice. Then Micaela met the people at Pray America, and her family’s life began to change.

Micaela attends Pray America’s widow discipleship program once every two weeks, and Debora and Freddie go to one of the feeding programs twice a week. Debora makes sure not to finish her meal so she can bag up the rest to take home and share with her mother. At the widow program, a pastor teaches the women about Jesus, and after, they enjoy a meal and fellowship together.

Micaela’s hope is for her children to finish school. She didn’t attend school, and now she can’t find a job. She sews for a living, but the work is hard, and it takes her two weeks to make a skirt. The cost for her skirts equals about $8 U.S.

Our partnership with

Pray America logo

In the late 1980s, Pray America/Manos de Jesus began serving people in need in Central America. Their Christ-centered and non-denominational ministry works to bring spiritual, physical and social restoration and wholeness to Mayan widows and orphans. And in the fall of 2007, a beautiful partnership began: Ron was looking at a new property for their ministry in Chichicastenango, Guatemala, and two people from Family Christian stood beside him. We’re proud to support this incredible ministry and witness how, as Ron puts it, “God has been remarkably faithful to us.”

Over the past eight years, we’ve been honored to not only send support to Pray America but to also provide hands-on support in the mission field. We’ve served on 17 mission trips, where we’ve help build and restore houses for widows, installed stoves and participated in three feeding programs. Pray America also has a shoe factory on their campus, where each week a different community is invited to bring their children to be fitted for new shoes made by their shoe factory cobblers.

What is hope? “A reason to live,” Ron responded, adding “Down here, most of the people are hopeless, and once we introduce them to the gospel, it totally changes their outlook. “For us, giving them hope is an honor and blessing.”

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