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No Other Will Do (Ladies of Harper's Station Series #1)

Karen Witemeyer
No Other Will Do (Ladies of Harper's Station Series #1)
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No Other Will Do is the first book in the Ladies of Harper's Station series by Karen Witemeyer Emma had learned from her suffragette aunts that men are optional, and that was also the principle underlying their women's colony in Harper's Station, Texas. But when an unknown ... Read More

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No Other Will Do is the first book in the Ladies of Harper's Station series by Karen Witemeyer

Emma had learned from her suffragette aunts that men are optional, and that was also the principle underlying their women's colony in Harper's Station, Texas. But when an unknown assailant tries repeatedly to drive them out, Emma admits that they might need a man after all . . . one who can fight. Will Malachi Shaw fit the bill?

Product Details:
Pages: 368
Released: 06/2016
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jun 7, 2016
  • UPC: 9780764212819
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 364
  • Publish Date: Jun 7, 2016
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC042030"
  • ISBN: 0764212818

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Captivating by Chastity on 9/27/2016

No Other Will Do is a Ladies of Harper Station novel by Karen Witemeyer. Prepare to be taken back in time to a world of cowboys, one horse towns and defending a lady's honor. Harper Sation is no ordinary town, it's a town full of women, NO men allowed. It's a shelter town for battered and abused women. The rule of "no men allowed" is meant to protect them, but it also makes them volunerable, this becomes crystal clear when someone starts leaving them threatening notes, get out or else!

Emma Chandler is the perfect blend of spice and nice. She's never been afraid to take on challenges, like becoming a woman banker in a world dominated by men. Being raised by her two aunts, Henrietta and Alberta, who believe in the suffrage movement. She's been raised to believe she can be or do anything she wants. She's no fool, she knows they need help to fight this bully trying to make them flee their town. But who can she get? These women are naturally scared of men. Then it hits her, Malachi Shaw.

Malachi Shaw knows what it's like to get the short end of the stick. He literally came from nothing. His mom died, his dad was a deadbeat drunk and abusive, Malachi was like any kid would be coming from those kinds of circumstances. Angry and ending up on the wrong side of the law a time or two. That is until he found himself stowed away in the Harper barn. He was only 13 years old when he met Emma Chandler, but he knew then that his life would never be the same. He is convinced that she is his angel, and even though they are grown now, they keep in touch and he's vowed to protect her at any and all costs. Not that he figures headstrong Emma will ever ask for his help, but he's offered just the same. When Malachi gets word that Emma needs help he drops everything and heads to her aid. He has no idea what awaits him, but he will protect Emma and her ladies..

Drama, intrigue, love, family, No Other Will Do has it all. You will fall in love with Harper Station and it's ladies and find yourself rooting for Malachi to find the bully and finally admit that he's in love with Emma. You will stay up all night (I know I did) devouring page after page to see how it ends. So grab yourself a copy of No Other Will do and head to Harper Station and visit Emma and the ladies. An adventure awaits!

*I received a copy of No Other Will Do from Bethany House Publishers in exchage for an honest review. The opinions expressed above are my own,

A Ladies of Harper's Station novel! by Kristina Anderson, The Avid Reader on 7/28/2016

No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer is the first book in the Ladies of Harper’s Station series. Emma Chandler discovered a young boy of thirteen in her aunt’s barn in 1882 in Cookie County, Texas. Malachi Shaw is an orphan without a home. Emma was instantly taken with him and convinced her Aunt Henry and Aunt Bertie to take him in. Malachi stayed with them for two years until an incident forced him to leave town. It is now 1894 and Emma has finally realized her dream with the help of her two aunts. Harper’s Station is a refuge for women run by women. But someone is threatening her dream and the lives of the people that live in Harper’s Station. Threatening notes have been found around the town and then a man fired at the women while they were in the church. This bandit wants all the women out of the town. Emma will not back down and sends a telegram to Malachi asking for help. Malachi is a demolition expert for the railroad. Malachi does not hesitate when he receives Emma’s request. He immediately hops a train to Harper’s Station. Malachi is attracted to Emma (she reciprocates his feelings), but he does not feel he is good enough for her. But these two have more pressing matters to attend to before they can discuss their feelings. Why does this brigand want with Harper’s Station? Read No Other Will Do to find out how the citizens of Harper’s Station out maneuver the outlaw.

No Other Will Do is a nice, easy book to read. It has good writing, interesting characters, and an intriguing mystery. Ms. Witemeyer did a good job of capturing the time and place of the setting. I felt the romance was a little much (there were many lustful thoughts, feelings, and then kissing) for a Christian novel, but otherwise an enjoyable book. I do not believe that lust equals love (we do not want young people getting the wrong impression) which is how it comes across in the book (until the end). The romantic portion is predictable, but it does have a sweet ending. I give No Other Will Do 4 out of 5 stars. I particularly liked that Emma and the other female characters were strong, independent women with Christian values.

I received a complimentary copy of the novel in exchange for an honest evaluation of the book. The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

She's Done it again - Love this Author by Seasons of Opportunities on 7/23/2016

Loved this book!! Karen Witemeyer remains one of my favorite authors to read. The sense of humor incorporated in her books along with the spiritual just makes the book so worth the read.
Emma is the leader of a women's colony and very well respected. The women who live there have been abused, and used up by men and are ready to show the world they have stamina and can survive on their own!

But a threat develops, and now the women are in danger. Emma feels a deep sense of responsibility as she tries to figure out what to do. In the end, she decides only One man will do. One she knows she can trust!

Malachi, a long time friend, who still considers her his angel. A man who has earned the respect he gets, but because he knows what its like to be down and out, has built up a wall not many can cross over. As the bullets fly so do the feelings and emotional charge in the air every time they get close to each other. Will either of them let their guard down enough to let love grow? Or are they so set in their independent ways that they will still end up apart?

This book is full of twists and excitement. Not only is it emotionally charged with sparks flying, but it is also spiritually charges as both Emma and Malachi seek God's will for their lives and the lives of the ladies in their care. They are selfless and sacrificing people, hard working, determined and willing to do what it takes to take care of those they love.

You won't go wrong with this one!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest opinion.

Leave Town or Die? by Becky on 7/8/2016

It is a great idea. Women who need homes, jobs, or an escape from danger, could come to Harper's Station, and make a fresh start. Emma Chandler has used her entire inheritance to found a women's colony. She has been very successful attracting lots of women who want to build a new life there. Then the threats begin.

A town full of unarmed women, far from the nearest town--whose sheriff is too involved in other problems to help--has made them the perfect target for danger. A mysterious enemy starts leaving messages demanding the women leave town, or suffer the consequences. The writer makes it clear that Texas of the late 1890's is not ready for independent women. When the threats start including violence, Emma contacts Malachi Shaw, Mal, for help.

Unwanted as a boy, Mal had tried to make it on his own, but was about to succumb to hunger and cold, when Emma's two aunts took him in. That was more than a decade ago, when Emma was still a child. A few years later, when he left the only family he had ever known, he promised he would always be there if they needed him. Emma is now calling in that promise.

Mal and Emma work together to attempt to figure out who is behind this, before someone is hurt or killed. Certain events and clues seem to indicate their tormentor has inside information about the colony. Could one of their own women be in league with their enemy? If so, why would someone be willing to do such a thing? As Mal and Emma try to find those answers, they also attempt to ignore the growing attraction between the two of them.

This was a thought provoking story that did a good job keeping the villain's identity secret. A lot of the characters in this tale were interesting, especially Emma's two aunts. I liked that this story was told from a Christian point-of-view. Those who like western romances with a hint of mystery will enjoy this 5-star book.

The publisher has provided bookreadingtic with a complimentary copy of No Other Will Do, through Bethany House Publishing for the purpose of review. I have not been compensated in any other manner. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not required, or influenced, to give anything but an honest appraisal. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

This Christian romance has it all - humor, action, murder, mystery and the suspense of a 'who done it'. by DEBI on 6/26/2016

Being part of the Bethany House Blogger Review Program, I get to read some very interesting books that I wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity to read. Sometimes I'm provided with books to read from authors I've never heard of, even though they are very popular in the literary world. Today's book, No Other Will Do, by Karen Witemeyer and this book falls into that category. Those of you who follow me regularly know that my mom loves Amish books. She also loves Western books and when I read her the back cover of this book over the phone, she jumped at the chance to read it and report in.
Here's my mom's review:

"The setting for this story takes place in the old historical west. This Christian romance has it all - humor, action, murder, mystery and the suspense of a 'who done it'. No Other Will Do is very well written and has you hanging on every word to find out what is going to happen next. I truly enjoyed reading this novel in one day and did not put it down until the end,

Emma Chandler and her suffragette aunts were strong, free spirited independent women who started a successful women’s colony in Harper’s Station, Texas to help women in need to make a fresh start with their lives. Unfortunately, there is someone who repeatedly wants to drive all the ladies out of colony. If only Emma knew what this dangerous crook wanted. She is forced to admit they might need a man to help and there is only one man that she really trusts to do the job.

Malachi Shaw has known Emma since they were young. She saved his life when he was hiding out in her auntie’s barn after fighting in the streets and is cold, hungry, and no home. She ask her aunt if she could keep him. Now Malachi has earned respect by working on the railroad as an explosive expert. When he received Emma’s telegraph asking for his help, he left immediately to go to her keep a childhood promise be had made and try somehow to repay her for saving his life.

The danger at the women’s colony continues and the threats are getting stronger and more dangerous. Should the women leave the colony for their safety? Should they stay and fight with Malachi help to catch the outlaws?"

I received a copy of this book without cost from the publisher through the Bethany House Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Women Only by Maureen on 6/14/2016

I loved the concept of the woman only town, but now the town is under attack, whom would want to close this town.
Emma Chandler and her spunky aunts have established this colony to help woman and let them earn their freedom and restore their lives. Many come from abusive relationships.
When the town is attacked Emma can only think of one person to turn to for help, Malachi Shaw, who she helped along with aunts when he was homeless, cold and starving, of course she was younger than him, but they opened their home to him. Now they need him, and when the telegram comes, Malachi and off as fast as he can!
Then comes an ultimatum from Malachi’s boss, come back to work or your done, what will he do? He cannot stay forever in a ladies only town, can he? The threats and violence keep coming, and we need to put faces to who is responsible, how can it all be stopped, and why is this happening?
Be ready for a page-turner here, and enjoy as we journey in a woman’s world!
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Bethany House and was not required to give a positive review.

Another hit for Karen Witemeyer by Linda on 6/2/2016

Men are optional. That was the credo Emma Chandler's suffragette aunts taught her and why she established Harper's Station, a women's colony that offers a fresh start to females in need. But when a dangerous and shadowy assailant tries repeatedly to drive the women out, Emma is forced to admit they might need a man after all. One who can fight. And there is only one man she trusts enough to ask.

Malachi Shaw has finally earned the respect he's always craved by becoming an explosives expert for the railroad. Yet when Emma's telegram arrives, he rushes back to Texas to repay the girl who once saved his life. Only she's not a girl any longer. She's a woman with a mind of her own and a smile that makes a man imagine a future he doesn't deserve.

As the danger intensifies, Emma, Mal, and the ladies of Harper's Station must choose between safety or risking everything to fight for their future.

Another hit for Karen Witemeyer. I enjoyed reading about Emma and Malachi as they struggled to find out who is threatening Harper's Station and the women who live there. Emma is a strong independent woman ahead of her time. Women of that day were thought to be only able to marry and have children. Malachi grew up in the streets and literally had to fight for his life sometimes. Emma saved his life after one such incident.

I highly recommend this book and am anxiously waiting for the next installment of "Ladies of Harper's Station".

I was given this book by the publisher for an honest review. I was not compensated in anyway.

Witemayer's Back With a Bang by Suzie on 5/19/2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. One of my favorite romance tropes is when a man and woman are brought back together after years. It can be a couple who once dated, or a case where one of the people secretly loved the other, or young, innocent love that is now allowed to blossom. Karen Witemayer’s “No Other Will Do” explores the third situation excellently.

When Malachi Shaw receives a telegram at the railroad camp where he works, he immediately packs up and leaves. Emma Chandler needs him, and there is absolutely no way he is going to ignore the request—especially when she’s in trouble. When he arrives at Harper’s Station and sets eyes on the girl who saved his life more than a decade ago, he’s enraptured by the woman she’s become.

The history between Malachi and Emma gives them each a deeper understanding into the other, and as the two spend time together, they see the characteristics that shaped them into the adults they are now. They also both feel the stirrings—ones they’d kept locked down and hidden—of more between them.

Add to that someone threatening not only the town Emma has built as a haven for women with nowhere else to go but Emma herself, and Malachi’s protective instinct flares to life. Emma’s ability to stay level-headed and in control makes her the perfect leader for the small group of women, and she trusts Malachi completely. But can either of them survive the day when Malachi leaves again with their hearts intact?

Witemayer’s ability to draw a reader in and keep the story moving is in top form in her latest offering. The action, intrigue, and heat between our hero and heroine will keep you turning the page (or like me, staying up late to finish the story).

***Bethany House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and fair review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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