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NIV and KJV Side-By-Side Bible: God's Unchanging Word Across the Centuries

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NIV and KJV Side-By-Side Bible: God's Unchanging Word Across the Centuries
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NIV/KJV Side-By-Side Bible

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With a special introduction from beloved pastors Charles F. Stanley and Andy Stanley, this NIV and KJV Side-by-Side Bible will be a cherished Bible for years to come. Combining the bestselling modern English Bible translation the NIV alongside the treasured King James Version in one convenient place, this parallel Bible makes it easy to compare the two translations. Because of its unique setup, this Bible is an excellent resource for students, pastors, and Bible readers of any age. Features include: New International Version: The authenticity and accessibility of today s most popular modern-English translation, the NIV. The NIV brings you as close as you can get to the reading experience of the original audience. In every verse it seeks to offer the optimum combination of transparency to the original text and transparency to the original meaning. King James Version: This classic translation of Scriptures has been beloved by Christians throughout the centuries for its dignity, poetic language, and timeless expression of truth. Foreword from Charles F. Stanley and Andy Stanley Double-column format"
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  • Release Date: Aug 5, 2011

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