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  1. Love Wins
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    Love Wins

    Royce Lovett

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    Following his 2015 major label debut release, Royce Lovett returns with Love Wins, which features five more thoughtful, well-crafted songs. These songs exemplify a natural next step in Royce’s young career, stronger songs, more musical, more funky, more personal.Track List... Learn More
  2. Power
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    Group 1 Crew

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    Group 1 Crew has long been the brainchild of vocalist/rapper and founding member, Manwell Reyes. In this brand new season, with a new touring band line up, Manwell delivers the same hard-hitting, vocally diverse, fresh pop hip-hop he has been known for in his time as a music... Learn More
  3. The Life Project
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    The Life Project

    Jekalyn Carr

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    Jekalyn Carr is a beacon of light in a generation shrouded in darkness. She is a glaring example that you can be successful without compromising your beliefs or sacrificing your values. Her new album, The Life Project holds the keys to a successful and prosperous life. It is... Learn More

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