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  1. Dias Extraordinarios
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    Dias Extraordinarios

    Jacobo Ramos

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    1. Estoy Completo 2. Mi Refugio 3. Llegaremos 4. Justo a Tiempo 5. Para Siempre 6. Digno esl el Que Vive 7. En tu Casa 8. Besame 9. Todo lo Que Quiero 10. El Resto de Mis Dias 11. Tanto Bien (Galdi Remix) Learn More
  2. En Esto Creo
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    En Esto Creo


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    En Esto Creo es una recopilacion en espanol de las canciones mas destacadas de Hillsong Worship en los ultimos anos. Este album cuenta con la participacion de muchas de las voces originales de los proyectos de Hillsong en ingles como Reuben Morgan, Jad Gillies, Dave Ware, Ta... Learn More
  3. En Mi Lugar
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    En Mi Lugar

    Hillsong United

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    In a continued hope of being a blessing to the Body of Christ in Hispanic cultures, Hillsong once again provides a full length album recorded entirely in Spanish.Track List: Por Ti Nada Hay Que Esconder Amor Como Fuego Grande Que Eres Dios Reinas Por La Eternidad C... Learn More
  4. Global Project Espanol
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    Global Project Espanol

    Marco Barrientos, Marcos Witt, Alex Campos, Hillsong

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    Las canciones de adoración unir el cuerpo de Cristo como ninguna otra fuerza, rompiendo todas las barreras denominacionales, culturales y geográficas. Hillsong Church es sólo una de las muchas iglesias maravillosas y ministerios comprometidos con tocar el mundo con cancio... Learn More
  5. Himnos: Un Retrato De Cristo
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    Himnos: Un Retrato De Cristo

    Steve Green

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    Hymns are the foundation of music in the church. For many of us, they hold a special place in our hearts - and Steve Green is no exception. One of Steve's unique blessings is a heart for Spanish speaking cultures, as he heeds the international ministry call to Latin America ... Learn More
  6. Jesus en el Centro: Live
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    Jesus en el Centro: Live

    Israel & New Breed

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    Jesus En El Centro is the first live recording in five years from Israel & New Breed, since their critically acclaimed Grammy award-winning album, A Deeper Level. Recorded live with thousands of worshipers at Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, this Spanish language versio... Learn More
  7. La Carta Perfecta
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    La Carta Perfecta

    Danilo Montero

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    A native of Costa Rica, Danilo Montero is a worship leader, author and pastor who currently resides in Houston, Texas, where he leads the Spanish-speaking ministry of Lakewood Church (home of pastor Joel Osteen). Having committed his life to Christ as a teen, Danilo went on ... Learn More
  8. Lluvia Celestial
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    Lluvia Celestial

    Cindy Cruse Ratcliff

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    Lluvia Celestial is the debut Spanish album from Cindy Cruse Ratcliff. It features a unique mix of pop and worship that creates an album expressing that this is the season of Lluvia Celestial (Heaven Raining Down), which comes from the heart and message of Pastor Joel Osteen... Learn More
  9. Mas Profundo
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    Mas Profundo

    Christine D'Clario

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    Beloved Latin-American worship leader Christine D'Clario returns with Mas Profundo, the Spanish-language version of her first English album, Deeper. On this album, D'Clario's expressive voice and organic beats combine to create music that is full of passion and joy. Track Li... Learn More
  10. Messianic Music For Kids
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    Messianic Music For Kids

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    The most traditional and known Judeo-messianic songs are now available for children. It includes all the tracks, making this an excellent option and tool for teacher, children leaders and children choir directors, as well as parents who look for activities to keep their chil... Learn More

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