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  1. Run
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    Sanctus Real

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    Rather than glossing over their struggles, Sanctus Real is never afraid to shine a light on their challenges and hardships. On the band’s sixth studio album, Run, Sanctus Real presents songs that promise to become encouraging anthems of hope and healing that listeners ca... Learn More
  2. Reckless
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    Jeremy Camp

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    Jeremy Camp's unique brand of rock and progressive pop was born out of a faith that has been tested. Praising God despite recent personal loss, Camp returns with Reckless - a collection of heartfelt songs and lyrics that speaks to his passionate reflection of God. Track Lis... Learn More
  3. Icon: Newsboys
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    Icon: Newsboys


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    One of the most popular bands in Christian music for the past two decades, Newsboys is an Australian pop/rock import that has consistently delivered some of the industry's most exciting live shows, not to mention a slew of radio hits. This new addition to the Icon series, ... Learn More
  4. Creation/Destruction
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    Fit For A King

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    Metalcore band Fit For a King has been elbowing its way onto the national scene, cultivating fans with a crushingly heavy, artful take on the genre that gives subtle tips of the hat to bands as diverse as The Acacia Strain, Circa Survive and Linkin Park. For their debut al... Learn More
  5. Anchors
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    I Am Empire

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    I Am Empire presents their sophomore record, Anchors on Tooth & Nail Records. Produced and mixed by Brian McTernan, Anchors traces the deeply personal lyrics of pensive but relatable frontman Austin Lyons, who faithful fans may recall came from a broken home. Though there’... Learn More
  6. Backdraft
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    From Portland, OR comes Fallstar, an unrestrained group of artists and musicians who draw just as much inspiration from their local punk and hardcore scene as they do from their hometown in general. Fallstar loves the mercurial atmosphere of a live show, and so write true to... Learn More
  7. Know Hope
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    Know Hope

    The Color Morale

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    On their third album, Know Hope, The Color Morale skillfully combine all of the elements they're known for - shredding riffs, soaring chorus and anthemic, catchy chorus. They do it in a manner that shows they are masters of their craft and kings of their genre, carving out t... Learn More
  8. Self Harvest
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    Self Harvest

    Ark of the Covenant

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    Ark of The Covenant came out swinging in 2011 with their debut EP "Separation" on Strike First Records. They returned to Silver Bullet Studios with Gregory Thomas of Misery Signals to record their first full length album, Self Harvest, which features the signature sound that... Learn More
  9. Something More
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    Something More


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    Altars spent most of 2012 on the road in support of their debut full length Conclusions. Their sophomore album Something More brings exactly that, both in music and in message. Musically, the band has evolved and built on the hardcore foundation that they laid with Conclusio... Learn More
  10. Time & Eternal
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    Time & Eternal


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    Colossus is a beast of a band whose sound lives up to the name. Massive and formidable, they are faithfully dedicated to the traditional hardcore principles, while also generously carving in plenty of hooks and sing-a-longs for a superb multi-faceted and progressive sound. T... Learn More

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