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  1. Fallen
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    Heavy metal certainly has no shortage of rebels. It seems like everybody’s rebelling against something, and that’s part of the genre’s allure. However, the most rebellious thing anybody can do is hold steadfast to personal beliefs and never waver. That is exactly what ... Learn More
  2. Best of Sanctus Real
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    Best of Sanctus Real

    Sanctus Real

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    This new compilation of the best from Sanctus Real during their tenure will feature several top hits and fan favorites from over their years together. Sanctus Real will be supporting this release with a "Farewell to a Friend" tour this fall.Track ListForgivenPromisesLead MeL... Learn More
  3. Redline
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    Seventh Day Slumber

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    With the release of Redline, Seventh Day Slumber brings a musical experience that is exactly what you have come to expect: A no holds barred, "tell it like it is" album that takes on the tough topics of the day. States lead vocalist Joseph Rojas, "Redline is lyrically a met... Learn More
  4. Reborn
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    Over the last decade and then some, Manafest has steadily cemented his status as one of the world's most diverse, envelope-pushing and all around uplifting artists. With Reborn, he continues to blend sounds of rap, rock, and pop together, and once again delivers contagious m... Learn More
  5. Wake
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    For Today

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    Even in the face of seemingly impossible odds, there's always a way to muster enough strength to soldier on and cross the finish line victoriously. Thus is the theme throughout For Today's new album, Wake.Track ListNo Truth, No SacrificeBroken LensForced Into FireDeserterBit... Learn More
  6. When Given Time to Grow
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    When Given Time to Grow


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    Coined "Spirit-filled hardcore" music, Conveyer offers a fresh take on catchy, fast hardcore sounds with tight, punchy riffs, melodic leads, up-tempo technical drumming and fierce, impassioned vocals - all while aiming to glorify God.When Given Time to Grow is the follow up ... Learn More
  7. #GodIsOnTheMove
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    7eventh Time Down

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    7eventh Time Down is set to release their third full-length album titled, #GodIsOnTheMove. This album contains 11 tracks including "Promises" which is already rising on the Christian radio charts.Track ListGod Is On The MoveHopes and DreamsI Still BelieveLean OnAlwaysUnbelie... Learn More
  8. The Awakening
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    The Awakening


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    Long known for carrying the hard rock torch with a positive message, P.O.D. are looking forward to sharing The Awakening with fans around the world. The album travels on a journey based on the good and bad choices of a central character, exploring the consequences of his dec... Learn More
  9. Space (EP)
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    Space (EP)

    The Devil Wears Prada

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    The Devil Wears Prada are by no means a newcomer. In over 8 years as a band they have sold over 750,000 albums, and have toured the world over and over, playing to sold out crowds every night. They have been able to find repeated success and clinch their spot as a household ... Learn More
  10. The Best of Disciple
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    The Best of Disciple


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    One of Christian music's most influential rock bands, Disciple has consistently been at the top of their game for 20 years. Boasting a die-hard fan base, their tribe is eager for any new products that Disciple delivers. The Best Of Disciple features a massive collection of 1... Learn More

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