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  1. Into the Light
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    Into the Light

    Matthew West

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    Matthew West returns with his new album, Into the Light. Continuing his journey of drawing inspiration from true stories of people’s lives, he’s written an album of all-new songs including the first single, "Forgiveness," which tells the story of a mother forgiving the d... Learn More
  2. Focus
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    Holly Starr

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    In the year following the release of her album Tapestry, Holly Starr has been traveling vigorously in an RV with her band making friends, sharing her music and ministering at schools, churches and conferences across the country. This album's title, Focus, conveys what Starr ... Learn More
  3. Finding Our Way

    Finding Our Way


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    Minnesota-born Hyland jumps right in again with soaring melodies and catchy riffs on their second album, Finding Our Way, which picks up right where their debut, Weights & Measures, left off. This time around, the Hyland guys have crafted a rich, accessible collection of... Learn More
  4. Live in Concert: God's Not Dead
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    Live in Concert: God's Not Dead


    With former dcTalk member Michael Tait on vocals, the newsboys continue to be one of Christian music’s most popular and compelling groups and are known for their incredible live show. Now, fans can bring that live show home with Live in Concert: God's Not Dead.Recorded... Learn More
  5. Miracle
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    Third Day

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    Third Day spent a generous part of 2012 immersed in the recording of its studio album, Miracle. The album, Third Day's 17th career offering, was recorded within the walls of the band's own state-of-the art studio, The Quarry, in Atlanta, GA, with the help of veteran rock pro... Learn More
  6. For the Glory
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    For the Glory

    O.C. Supertones

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    In 2010, the four original members of The O.C. Supertones (Mojo, Jason, Tony and Chief) reunited for a short summer tour. They enjoyed such a great response, and saw so many people being encouraged by their music, that the band first extended the tour, and then decided to re... Learn More
  7. O God Save Us All
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    O God Save Us All


    Rock band Disciple is back with another hard driving, melodic album, featuring powerful vocals by lead singer Kevin Young over a rocking rhythm section. The album, O God Save Us All, can be summed up as a soundtrack to the life experiences of a believer. Songs like the t... Learn More
  8. Burning Lights
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    Burning Lights

    Chris Tomlin

    Chris Tomlin, one of the most storied worship leaders of our time, returns with his latest album, Burning Lights. In it, he has continued to write songs that connect people to the heart of Jesus and lead them to a greater worship of Him.Burning Lights features the single "Wh... Learn More
  9. Between Here & Lost
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    Between Here & Lost

    Love & Death

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    Between Here and Lost is a muscular eleven song set trading despair for hope on "The Abandoning," "Watching the Bottom Fall," "Chemicals" and more. Love & Death is the project fraom former Korn member Brian "Head" Welch, who left the band in 2005 and dedicated his li... Learn More
  10. Unholy Anger
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    Unholy Anger

    Those Who Fear

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    Track Listing: 1. Daggermouth 2. (Un)Holy Anger 3. Holy Anger 4. Leech Life 5. Burn 6. Day of Judgement 7. My Domain 8. Relentless 9. Sowers of Discord 10. Convictions 11. Colossus Learn More

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