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  1. 3's Up
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    3's Up


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    Dee-1 is a former middle school teacher turned rapper on a mission: to develop an ever-growing relationship with God, using his skills to create a better existence for himself and loved ones, and living a life that is real, righteous and relevant. Track List Against Us S... Learn More
  2. Empire
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    Derek Minor

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    With blood-pumping bass and bold and honest lyrics, Derek Minor delivers an album that some say is his best yet. He unabashedly proclaims Christ throughout and challenges listeners to leave the world behind and follow Jesus, living in faith. Features tracks "Who You Know," "... Learn More
  3. Hope Dealer 2

    Hope Dealer 2

    Mr. Del

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    Hope Dealer 2 is a collection of heavy hitting songs reflective of Mr. Del’s walk with God. Mr. Del has produced poignant hip hop music that documents his sometimes turbulent, but victorious journey from leaving a highly visible career in secular music and trusting God wit... Learn More
  4. Rise
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    Trip Lee

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    At one point people were unsure if Trip Lee would return to rap, but he does so with his fourth full-length album Rise. Throughout the CD Trip Lee hopes to spread a heartfelt message of truth and hope.Track List: 1 Rise 2 Lights On 3 Shweet 4 Manolo 5 You Don't Know ... Learn More
  5. Mental
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    With his latest release, KJ-52 hopes that listeners will understand that there is a calm amidst chaos. He compels us to renew our minds, setting our new focus on God. The highly anticipated Mental is a dynamic and fearless collection of songs recorded by KJ-52, featuring the... Learn More
  6. This Side of the Sky
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    This Side of the Sky


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    This Side Of The Sky follows Je'kob's solo freshman anthology Faith Hope Love that included the Billboard hit "Love Is All." This sophomore release creates a theme of seeing design in the natural world, the divine unseen within everyday life. The first single, "I Believe" te... Learn More
  7. Loose Canon: Volume 2
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    Loose Canon: Volume 2


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    An alias representative of the greatest book in all of literature and reminiscent of rapid-fire weaponry carries lofty expectations and growing anticipation. Yet, this Midwest-born rappers aim is not to leave people in awe of his knowledge and delivery but to offer words of ... Learn More
  8. Anomaly
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    Lecrae, Lecrae

    Anomaly will be the seventh official studio album from Lecrae, and a follow up to his Grammy Award winning album Gravity.Track Listing: Outsiders Welcome to America Say I Won’t (feat. Andy Mineo) Nuthin’ Fear Anomaly Timepiece Dirty Water Wish Runners All I Ne... Learn More
  9. The Moment
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    The Moment


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    The seventh full length from Toronto native Manafest is a transparent look behind the curtain of the award winning MC's thoughts, beliefs, and outlook on life. The Moment features twelve new tracks including "Diamonds" (featuring Trevor McNevan of TFK), "Edge Of My Life," "L... Learn More
  10. Well Wishes
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    Well Wishes


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    Ultimately the Well Wishes project is a direct result of the blessings that have been bestowed on Bizzle. Because he has been truly blessed to live in the United States, a place where we have seemingly unlimited access to clean water, he feels that it is his obligation and ... Learn More

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