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  1. WOW Hits 2013
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    WOW Hits 2013

    Britt Nicole, Jamie Grace, Jeremy Camp, Josh Wilson, Kari Jobe, Laura ...

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    Only one record a year brings you the biggest Christian artists and songs! Featuring your favorite artists and their best songs of the year, WOW Hits 2013 captures the songs impacting our world. With songs about finding strength, placing your hope in Jesus and the promise of... Learn More
  2. StompTown Revival
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    StompTown Revival

    Stomptown Revival

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    While Gabe Martinez (frontman for Circleslide) and artist/producer Brandon Bee were writing songs for their upcoming records, something very unexpected took place - a new brand of music they refer to as "spiritual stomp" was born. It's organic, homebred music with me... Learn More
  3. A Creation Liturgy
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    A Creation Liturgy

    Michael Gungor

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    A Creation Liturgy was recorded live throughout Gungor’s 2012 Spring tour. Whether playing bluegrass in a small, sold out club in Texas or singing a hymn with a string trio in a beautiful cathedral on the East coast, these songs contain an energy true to Gungor’s unique ... Learn More
  4. Hear Me
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    Hear Me

    Kyle Sherman

    Three years after putting his music career on hold for a role as a worship leader, Kyle Sherman presents his debut album, Hear Me. The flagship artist on the RayLynn Records label, Sherman offers up a collection of songs that strike an eclectic and authentic mix of rootsy, s... Learn More
  5. Girls of Grace: The Beautiful Truth
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    Girls of Grace: The Beautiful Truth

    Chris August, Group 1 Crew, Meredith Andrews, Sidewalk Prophets, Big D...

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    The soundtrack to the "Girls of Grace" conferences held nationwide, Girls of Grace: The Beautiful Truth is full of chart-topping hits that will inspire and encourage teenage girls everywhere. With popular songs from top Christian artists like Chris August, Sidewalk Prophets,... Learn More
  6. Anthems of a Champion
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    Anthems of a Champion


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    Carman is an enigma in Christian music, often described as part evangelist, part Vegas Showman. His concerts were more like a rock and roll Billy Graham Crusade than a Christian music event - after all the singing, dancing, clapping and preaching, throngs of people would s... Learn More
  7. Love Never Fails
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    Love Never Fails

    Various, Various Artists

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    Love is a universal theme for songwriters and artists. Love Never Fails collects some of the best songs about God's love toward us, how we should love others and songs about the beauty of romantic love. The artist line-up on this compilation album is stellar, including Cas... Learn More
  8. The Becoming
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    The Becoming

    Jenny Simmons, Jenny Simmons

    We first met Jenny Simmons as the frontwoman for the Dove Award-nominated band Addison Road. Now, with her solo debut, Simmons takes the next step in becoming exactly who she was meant to be. Fittingly, The Becoming is about moving forward, taking risks and trusting God to b... Learn More
  9. Larnelle: Live in Nashville
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    Larnelle: Live in Nashville

    Larnelle Harris, Larnelle Harris

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    It was a night to be remembered as over a thousand guests and friends gathered together in a historic theater north of Nashville, Tennessee to witness a truly inspiring performance by Larnelle Harris, joined by the incredibly talented Sandi Patty, Steve Green, Steve Amerso... Learn More
  10. All the People Said Amen
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    All the People Said Amen

    Matt Maher

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    All The People Said Amen is Matt Maher's fourth project with Essential Records. The album delivers raw, worshipful moments that draw the line between the divine and the everyday, and speak to and encourage listeners as they play through the album.Featuring brand new songs mi... Learn More

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