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  1. The Worship Initiative
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    The Worship Initiative

    Shane & Shane

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    Much more than a praise & worship album, The Worship Initiative represents a bigger project near and dear to Shane & Shane: a worship resourcing website where musicians and worship leaders can get both musical training and spiritual teaching. It was a vision to merge... Learn More
  2. Innova
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    Fireflight's latest album is their most diverse yet simultaneously vulnerable disc thus far, making the moniker Innova (the Latin word for “renew”) a fitting phrase. “We've always liked words with a strong visual presence that have the potential for hidden meaning and ... Learn More
  3. Blanca
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    When it comes to stepping out in faith, Blanca is in a full out sprint. After leading Group 1 Crew with her powerhouse vocals for several years, she is making the leap and flying solo. Her self-titled debut album is an upbeat reflection on a season of soul-searching and surr... Learn More
  4. Exhale
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    Exhale finds Plumb in equal parts worshiping God for all that He's done in her life and exhaling that grace/love/hope/healing into lives around her and through her music. The exhale concept is based on a sermon her pastor gave that deeply impacted her, wherein he said that t... Learn More
  5. Sound of the Saints
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    Sound of the Saints

    Audio Adrenaline, Audio Adrenaline

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    Sound of the Saints is a fresh, new studio project from Audio Adrenaline which includes a reenergized lineup and marks the debut of frontman Adam Agee, as he seamlessly transitions into this new role where he's a perfect fit. The album is a unique collection, but with a time... Learn More
  6. Happy People
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    Happy People

    Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Haase Ernie & Signature Sound

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    Psalm 144:15 "...yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD!" America's top-selling quartet returns with their album Happy People, which is packed with the inspiring and energetic material that fans around the world have come to expect and love. It is their first re... Learn More
  7. Outback Worship Sessions
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    Outback Worship Sessions


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    Planetshakers. The name is bold but the global implications are exactly what the namesake band has in mind. While recently they have incorporated more electronic sounds and EDM, for Outback Worship Sessions Planetshakers partnered with Grammy nominated & multi Dove Award... Learn More
  8. Still After
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    Still After


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    Still After is Foreverlin's sophomore album, and is one that blends a soft, ambient sound with more standard guitar-driven rock that produces an enticing and captivating indie-rock vibe. Features themes of perseverance and the presence of Christ. Track List Above Path... Learn More
  9. Coward
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    Haste The Day

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    Haste The Day will be releasing their first album since 2010 with Coward. It features appearances from members of both the original lineup, including longtime frontman Jimmy Ryan, as well as Attack of the Wolf King era members. Track List Begin Take World Coward L... Learn More
  10. Empires
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    Hillsong United

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    Hillsong United's next project Empires follows their album Zion, the group's most successful and fastest selling album to date. With over 1.7 million albums sold, and over 30 million people singing their songs every Sunday, Hillsong has set a precedent in the church will onl... Learn More

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