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  1. Rescue & Restore
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    Rescue & Restore

    August Burns Red

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    One of the leading forces in the modern metal scene, August Burns Red has reinvigorated the metalcore genre over the course of their almost decade-long career, successfully transitioning from shake-up-the-field upstarts to one of the biggest names worldwide in the genre. Res... Learn More
  2. Fear Inside Our Bones
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    Fear Inside Our Bones

    The Almost

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    To record Fear Inside Our Bones, The Almost retreated to Nashville’s Omni Studios with producer Marshall Altman - all of the songs were recorded together in a single room completely live. The musicians tapped into elegantly visceral energy built from a blues-rock vibe that... Learn More
  3. We Won't Be Shaken
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    We Won't Be Shaken

    Building 429,

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    As one of Christian music’s leading bands, Building 429’s We Won't Be Shaken captures its signature expressive vocals, skilled musicianship and insightful songwriting. Building 429 recorded 10 new songs for We Won’t Be Shaken, with messages that inspire listeners to dr... Learn More
  4. Jesus Freak (Remastered)
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    Jesus Freak (Remastered)

    DC Talk

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    In 1995, DC Talk released the album that forever changed Christian music and ushered in the modern age of Christian rock. At the time, Jesus Freak made the highest debut for a Christian/Gospel act on Billboard's album charts and has since been certified double platinum. The ... Learn More
  5. Supernatural (Remastered)
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    Supernatural (Remastered)

    DC Talk

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    In 1998, DC Talk released their fifth, and final, studio album, Supernatural. Fully embracing the pop/rock sound, Supernatural was a collaborative effort between all three members of the band - Toby, Michael and Kevin - and features the hits "Consume Me," "Into Jesus," "Red ... Learn More
  6. Anchors
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    I Am Empire

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    I Am Empire presents their sophomore record, Anchors on Tooth & Nail Records. Produced and mixed by Brian McTernan, Anchors traces the deeply personal lyrics of pensive but relatable frontman Austin Lyons, who faithful fans may recall came from a broken home. Though there’... Learn More
  7. Creation/Destruction
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    Fit For A King

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    Metalcore band Fit For a King has been elbowing its way onto the national scene, cultivating fans with a crushingly heavy, artful take on the genre that gives subtle tips of the hat to bands as diverse as The Acacia Strain, Circa Survive and Linkin Park. For their debut al... Learn More
  8. Love & Worship
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    Love & Worship

    Seventh Day Slumber

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    Love & Worship is a full-length worship record from Seventh Day Slumber. Featuring well-known Christian anthems such as Matt Redman's "10,000 Reasons" as well as original worship songs, this is a passionate and heartfelt worship record that is absolutely true to Seventh ... Learn More
  9. The Third
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    The Third

    Family Force 5

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    In 2011, Tooth & Nail Records joined forces with Family Force 5’s III Entertainment to bring you the band’s third full-length studio album, III. Now, Family Force 5 releases their latest effort, The Third, which includes some of the best tracks from III, as well as n... Learn More
  10. StompTown Revival
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    StompTown Revival

    Stomptown Revival

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    While Gabe Martinez (frontman for Circleslide) and artist/producer Brandon Bee were writing songs for their upcoming records, something very unexpected took place - a new brand of music they refer to as "spiritual stomp" was born. It's organic, homebred music with me... Learn More

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Items 41-50 of 83

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