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  1. Mere Image

    Mere Image

    Least of These

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    From Least of These comes Mere Image, an exciting, heart lifting sound which displays the typically aggressive style they carry and a passion which resonates throughout the album. The first single, “Temple Bodies,” ignites the flame for what is to come with intricate gui... Learn More
  2. Knives to the Future

    Knives to the Future

    Project 86

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    Project 86 is set to release their ninth full length album titled, Knives To The Future. This album contains 15 tracks including their new hard hitting single "Spirit Of Shiloh" and is also dedicated to the band's loyal fan base known as Team Black. Track List Spir... Learn More
  3. Love Prevails

    Love Prevails


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    Love Prevails is an album which sees a brand new band with a refreshing response to a season of challenging evolution. It is the soundtrack to a triumph; an amalgamation of sweeping electro flourishes, Stevan's anthemic guitar hooks and Justin's soaring melodies. The album r... Learn More
  4. What Was Done, Volume 1: A Decade Revisited

    What Was Done, Volume 1: A Decade Revisited

    The Classic Crime

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    What Was Done, Volume 1: A Decade Revisited is The Classic Crime's first installment of acoustic and rearranged versions of their most popular songs. Track List All the Memories (Revisited) You and Me Both (Revisited) Salt in the Snow (Revisited) We All Look Else... Learn More
  5. Between the Stars

    Between the Stars


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    Flyleaf presents Between the Stars, a musical melding of heavy guitar riffs, intricate melodies, and Kristen May's soaring vocals. The vinyl edition features their hit single, "Set Me on Fire."Track Listing:Set Me on FireMagneticTraitorPlatonicHead UnderwaterSober SerenadeTh... Learn More
  6. 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Norma Jean

    20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Norma Jean

    Norma Jean

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    Norma Jean is a Christian alternative metal/metalcore band with an enthusiastic following in the alt-metal underground, where they appeal to both Christian and non-Christian headbangers. Track List: 01. Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste 02. Songs Sound Much Sadder ... Learn More
  7. Supreme Chaos

    Supreme Chaos

    War Of Ages

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    War of Ages' sixth full length album Supreme Chaos builds on the bands extensive catalog (with combined sales over 100,000 albums) and non-stop touring in the US and overseas. Supreme Chaos sees the band joined by guitarist Jack Daniels (Hope For The Dying) which has brough... Learn More
  8. 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Emery

    20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Emery


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    For Emery, with over 460,000 records sold, years of hard work, touring and writing have led to thousands of devoted fans worldwide and numerous songs to fall in love with. Track List: 01. Studying Politics 02. Butcher's Mouth 03. So Cold I Could See My Breat... Learn More
  9. Icon - O.C. Supertones

    Icon - O.C. Supertones

    The Supertones

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    A Christian ska band hailing from Orange County, CA, The O.C. Supertones are one of the most treasured gems in Christian rock. They have sold over 1 million copies lifetime, established themselves as one of the best live bands in the Christian market, broke a genre of music ... Learn More
  10. Rivers in the Wasteland
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    Rivers in the Wasteland


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    NEEDTOBREATHE effortlessly weaves together the musical traditions and faith of their upbringing in the Deep South to create music that uplifts and inspires. With Rivers in the Wasteland, NEEDTOBREATHE returns to their roots of anthemic rock and musical simplicity. The album... Learn More

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