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Meet My Best Friend

The Bible is not only a book, but it can also be a friend—the best friend we have. This engaging picture book is a must-have because it allows kids to see the Bible as a friend they can trust and rely on. It’s a fun read that entertains and also tells the story of how mu... Read More

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Item # 1575754


Item # 1575754

The Bible is not only a book, but it can also be a friend—the best friend we have. This engaging picture book is a must-have because it allows kids to see the Bible as a friend they can trust and rely on. It’s a fun read that entertains and also tells the story of how much God loves them.

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Product Details:
Ages 4 - 8
Page Count: 32
Released: 09/2015
  • Store Only: Yes
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Release Date: Sep 11, 2015
  • UPC: 9781433688058
  • Height: 0.25
  • Width: 8.00
  • Length: 10.00
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 32
  • Publish Date: Oct 1, 2015
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 8
  • Audience Age Minimum: 4
  • BISAC: "JNF049080"
  • ISBN: 1433688050

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HMMMM by Beth on 12/28/2015

This book was not quite the book that I expected when I received it. I have read other Shiela Walsh products before and enjoyed them. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy this one…I just don’t think it does what it set out to do. I understand why Sheila would choose to have the kids hunt out the Bible as their best friend but I would have liked to see it go further than that. I’m not 100% sure why the story couldn’t have gone into the friend finding the best friend within the Bible and that best friend being Jesus. If the goal is to lead the children that read this book to be closer to Jesus and have a stronger relationship, I would think that Jesus being the best friend would be a given, but that’s just me, maybe? The illustrations are cute and all but I think some time needed to go into the story line.

Not quite sure.. by Erin on 12/13/2015

I received a copy of "Meet My Best Friend" from Family Christian Bloggers in exchange for my review.

I had high expectations of "Meet My Best Friend". I was confident that it would circle around and have Jesus or God being the best friend of the children. I was rather surprised and disappointed that the book circled back at having the Bible being the best friend of the children.

Throughout "Meet My Best Friend", 2 children are eager to meet their new neighbor and play. They go on a game of "hot" and "cold" to show their best friend to their new friend. I was really excited to watch as the kids went from room to room telling their new friend that she was getting warm or cold in finding the location of their friend. It ended up being a Bible in the closet.

Having the children say that the Bible is their best friend really bothered me. I think it needs much more elaboration on this subject. Yes, the Bible is where you would turn to when you have a problem or need guidance, however the way it was just labeled as their best friend without going into more stuck out as being problematic for me. They spent as much time discussing the pets in the household as they did explaining why the Bible was their best friend. I would have liked to see more on the topic.

Overall, cute pictures, it will draw the children in, but I think it needs more guidance and discussion after the fact so children aren't viewing a book as being as high as God.

Not quite what I expected! by Barbette on 12/5/2015

I received a copy of "Meet My Best Friend" from B & H in exchange for my review.
"Meet My Best Friend" is a cute book written by Sheila Walsh. It is about a set of twins, Emma and Liam, from Scotland that are bored and trying to find something to do. Their mom encourages them to go meet their new neighbor and see if she would like to play. When their doorbell rings they find their new neighbor, Abby has come over to meet them instead.
The twins take her outside and show her around their yard for a little bit before decided to play "hot or cold' to find their best friend. Abby searches high and low in a game of "hot or cold" that was more cold than hot in my opinion until she finally comes across their Bible which was the best friend they were talking about. I found that confusing, as did the character in the book. The twins then tell her that it's the Bible that tells us about God and how much God loves us...even her.
Even though the redirect brings it back to the need for God in our lives, I find the point that the Bible is our best friend something I am not completely comfortable with. There are places where the Bible is not allowed, but Christ will always be with us. Yes, the Bible teaches us what we need to know about everything God has done for us, but in the end it is God who is always with us.
With that being said, overall, this book was quirky and cute full of colorful illustrations and eye-catching comic book type artwork. Your young readers will find it fun to be on this hunt with Abby!

Very sweet book - not sold on idea of the Bible being best friend by Erica from Healthy Christian Mom on 12/4/2015

I received this book in exchanged for my unbiased review.
I read this book with my 6-year old daughter. It was really sweet. It was about two bored twins in Scotland welcoming their new neighbor from America.
The twins are really nice and welcoming Abby. They show her around their house and to the tree house in the back yard.
There are two little dogs throughout the book who say silly things. My daughter said the dogs were her favorite part of the book.
The twins then play a game with Abby. They tell her their best friend is hiding in the house. Abby looks everywhere for the best friend. Finally she finds it. It’s the Bible. My daughter was really confused about this part of the book. She didn’t think the Bible could be a best friend. She thought the best friend should have been Jesus. I agree although I understand the point the book was trying to make.
The twins explained that God wrote the Bible for us and it can be your best friend for life. One dogs decides he wants on for Christmas. After the other dog reminds him he cannot read, he opts for the audio book. Very cute.
The book ends with a parent connection sections that gives scripture references and questions to talk about with your child(ren) after reading.
Additionally, I like the added lesson of welcoming new friends.
This was a really sweet book except I am a little skeptic about the Bible, not Jesus, being your best friend.

Cute Book but Not Exactly What I Was Expecting by Seasons of Opportunities on 11/5/2015

I received this book from B&H in exchange for reviewing. It's a short, easy to read, fun kids book. It has cute, quirky, bright and colorful illustrations. The one I received is hardback and should hold up well. The end of the book contains questions one can use to ask children about the story.

It begins with two bored children looking for something to do. Their mother suggests they play with a neighbor girl who recently moved next door. When she shows up, they begin playing a hide and seek game. Except instead of seeking each other, the new girl is seeking their "best friend". After much searching, she gives up and they introduce her to their best friend - the Bible.

While I have mixed feelings about the Bible being their best friend, which I will explain in a sec;I love the part, about the game. Since she just moved to the neighborhood, she is lonely; and what an awesome way for kids to introduce new friends to Jesus - with a game of hide and seek.

I struggled with how to review this book, because I think the author's intent to draw children and families to God through the Bible is a great way to begin connecting the dots. I get what the author is trying to accomplish. We need the Bible to begin developing a relationship with God. This is what Sheila has to say on her website: "I am writing my new line of books through B&H Kids titled Meet My Best Friend, The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional, and The Bible is My Best Friend Flipbook. It is my prayer that these books captivate the minds and hearts of young children and challenges them to further connect and understand the power of the Bible. When friends are mean, the Bible can be their best friend. When they have questions, the Bible is their best counsel. When they don’t know what to do next, the Bible is their best handbook to life. The vision behind these books is to get boys and girls eager about digging into God’s Word. In addition, these books will give parents the suitable tools to help direct their families to Jesus. When I was writing these books, it was my deep desire to provide materials that children could use to cultivate a genuine relationship with God. With God and his Word, children will have answers for every situation they will encounter."

I agree with her that the Bible is the place to turn when we have questions, problems, and children should learn to dig in. But personally I feel like, the Bible is an object (with power of course), but more of a means to an end – the end being - a relationship with Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and a relationship with God, our Heavenly Father. That doesn't mean I don't value the importance of the Word of God. I searched Scripture, because I am a thinker. I like to analyze things. But I didn't find a single verse that says the Bible is our friend. It is truth, yes, a fire, a hammer, a sword, a lamp, and sooo much more. It teaches us about God, leads us to Him, speaks to us as Him, but JESUS is our friend. Jesus is a person, He can go everywhere with us, even places the Bible cannot go. He can seek us out - like a friend would do.

No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command you. I do not call you slaves anymore, because a slave doesn't know what his master is doing. I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything I have heard from My Father.
You did not choose Me, but I chose you... John 15:13-16a

At the end is a list of questions. When I asked my son one of the questions: "...Who did you think was Emma and Liam's best friend?". His answer was God. That was also what I expected. In the Parent connection, Sheila does use Acts 17:11-12 to tell about a group of Christians called Bereans that studied God's Word daily. She also shares that the Bible tells us about God's Son and how much He loves us.

I don't intend for the purpose of this review to necessarily discourage you from purchasing the book. It is just my opinion that the theology is a little bit different than what I believe. I would rather have read something like, "This book tells us all about our best friend. You can't see Him, but He is everywhere. He is always with you, wherever you go." And then introduce the children to Jesus. But if this book, gets children and families to read their Bibles, it is still accomplishing a purpose. And God can use that to reach people.

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