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Kobo Glo 6" e-Reader - Black


Read comfortably any time of day with the Kobo Glo e-Reader! The revolutionary ComfortLight illuminates the screen with a soft, adjustable glow so you can always read under the perfect light, without straining your eyes. The soft back will feel good in your hands and the a... Read More

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Read comfortably any time of day with the Kobo Glo e-Reader! The revolutionary ComfortLight illuminates the screen with a soft, adjustable glow so you can always read under the perfect light, without straining your eyes. The soft back will feel good in your hands and the advanced high-res XGA 6" pearl E Ink touchscreen is glare-free and fingerprint-resistant.

With built-in WiFi and storage for up to 1,000 eBooks, you can take your library wherever you go - and add to it anytime you want! Expand the memory on your Kobo Glo with an up to 32GB memory card (not included) and store up to 30,000 books at once. Kobo also offers access to up to 17,000 Christian book titles and millions of other eBooks, including over one million free eBooks to choose from.

TypeGenius technology from Kobo makes the Kobo Glo fully customizable - choose from a selection of font sizes and styles, as well as exclusive weight and sharpness settings so that you can adjust the text to suit your eyes. Or, choose Kobo’s exclusive font, which was expertly designed to be crisper and sharper than ever before.

Kobo allows you to read any open-format eBook on your Kobo Glo, and with free top-rated Kobo apps, you can read across devices you already own, including other open e-Readers.


  • Bookmarks and settings are seamlessly synced across all your Kobo e-Reading apps and devices.
  • Social Reading: Includes Reading Life. Track your Reading Stats and share what you're reading, favorite passages and Reading Life awards on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Easily connect via WiFi or USB to access millions of books, newspapers and magazines from the Kobo Store, or borrow and read books from your local library.
  • Seven font styles with 24 font sizes  as well as exclusive weight and sharpness settings.
  • Built-in ComfortLight technology with micro-thin hard coating for durability and even light distribution.

BONUS: Get three FREE eBibles when you buy the Kobo Mini, Kobo Touch or Kobo Glo from Family Christian! The three free Bible eBooks include a New International Version (NIV) Bible, a King James Version (KJV) Bible and The Voice Bible.

The Kobo Glo has received the Parent Tested, Parent Approved stamp of approval! Parents loved the Glo light technology, and gave the user-friendliness of the e-Reader a perfect score.

"I didn't even have to read the instructions to work it. Everything is self-explanatory and easy to figure out. Very user-friendly!" - PTPA Parent Tester

Product Details:
Dimensions: 6.2"(L) x 4.5"(W) x 0.4"(D)
Weight: 6.5 oz
Processor: 1 GHz
Display: 6" E Ink XGA Pearl screen; 1024x758 resolution; 16-level grey scale
Connectivity: Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Micro USB
Storage: 2GB
Battery Life: Over 1 month with WiFi turned off or up to 70 hours of continuous usage with ComfortLight on.

For every Kobo Glo or Touch purchased, $5 will be donated to sponsor a girl rescued from the sex trade in Cambodia.
  • Store Only: Yes
  • Product type: Default
  • Format: Kobo Glo
  • Release Date: Dec 28, 2012
  • UPC: 681495000142

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ereader kobo glo by ereader newby on 6/30/2013

Just recently purchased it and it works great. My first ereader, and the price is a little high for the quality but it works good. i would save up and just get a kindle or other product. its not worth all the hype of the product and before you buy it make sure that the place you purchase it will allow you to return it if you decide its not for you. The family christian store i went back to said they weren't sure and to come back the next day to ask the manager. Good product but what your really paying for is the light installed inside.

Best E-Reader on the Market by GIJane72 on 2/3/2013

I absolutely love this e-reader! There is so much to love about that I don't know where to start. First, I should say that I've been skeptical of e-readers for a long time. I've always preferred to have an actual book in my hand. Now, I can't believe that I waited so long to get one!

I looked at different e-readers and settled on the Kobo Glo for specific reasons. First, Kindle didn't offer any type of upgrade and I had to purchase books primarily through Amazon. Second, Nook offered upgrades via SD cards but, they weren't having good luck with their lighted e-readers. Not to mention that I would have to primarily shop for books through Barnes & Noble. I stumbled across the Kobo Glo at my local Family Christian Bookstore. It was priced at just $130 plus it came with a bonus of three different types of Bibles ($120 value) that automatically downloaded once it was set-up. It was upgradable via SD card to hold over 30,000 books! The biggest draw for me to the Kobo was that I could load many different types of books onto it. I was not limited to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It supports the following:

Books: EPUB, PDF and MOBI
Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF
Comic Books: CBZ and CBR

I was amazed with this e-reader right out of the box. The plug is the same type used by my Android phone so there was no need to go out and buy an expensive car/wall adapter. I plugged it into my computer, turned it on, and fell in love. The Kobo charges fairly fast and was fully charged within an hour. The box say's that the battery will last a month of 30-minute, daily reading without the need of a re-charge. Well, I read a lot. I spent an entire Saturday (12+ hours) reading and only used up 40% of the battery. I was shocked!

The Kobo is really light. You hardly know you have it in your hand which is nice for reading in bed. You turn the pages with a flick of your finger on a screen that is touch-sensitive. You can adjust the screen to your liking. Make the words bigger/smaller, change the font, darken/brighten the screen. You can also adjust the weight/sharpness of the screen but, I haven't needed to use that feature. The casing of the Kobo is rubberized and the back has a quilted pattern which makes it really easy to comfortably hold it in one hand without slipping. What I find incredible is that the pages look and feel like real book pages. Its as if you can see the grain of the paper while reading! At the push of a button, you can turn the light on and read in the dark. The light is fully adjustable, too! It doesn't look like a backlight at all. It gives the page the appearance of glowing. Its a really cool technology.

After reading about the problems Nook was having with their backlights, I got concerned about my Kobo because it uses the same technology. Two days after using my e-reader, I noticed three brighter spots on my screen. I started getting nervous. After finishing the book I was reading and moving onto another book, the spots were gone. I found out that those spots were on the book I had read and not on my Kobo, itself. I was much happier.

Another cool feature of the Kobo is the included dictionary. If you aren't sure of a word on the screen, you hold your finger on it and up pops the dictionary with the definition. Is the word in a foreign language? The built-in translator is fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese, with more language to come! It also allows for annotations, bookmarks, and notes while reading. The on-screen keyboard works well and is accurate. You can even zoom in on pictures and change the page orientation to suite you!

I share my Kobo with my 9yr old daughter so we needed a way to separate our books. The Kobo comes with bookshelves. You can set them up any way you like to make it easier to get to your books fast.

When you turn on your Kobo, the main screen will pop up. If you were in the middle of a book, the last page you were reading will pop up. If you forget to turn off your Kobo...no worries. It will put itself in sleep mode within 15 minutes to save your battery. When you turn the Kobo off, a picture of the cover of your current book is displayed. When you set-up your Kobo account, the company will give you a nice first-book purchase discount up to 90% off!

Another neat feature is that you can download the Kobo app to your computer and smart-phone. If you forget your Kobo at home, you can still read your books on your computer or phone right from where you left off!

I've been very satisfied with my Kobo Glo. I've read non-stop since I purchased it. The only thing I wouldn't recommend are the brand-named accessories. The Kobo comes with a USB charging cord that plugs into your computer. You can purchase generic plugs at places like Walmart fairly cheap. I would recommend a cover for your Kobo when you purchase it but, again, the brand-name covers with set you back around $30. I purchased a nice cover at our Local Five Below store for $4.00 and it works nicely. The Kobo also tracks your reading stats and, if you are one of those people who like to post stats on facebook, the Kobo will post those, too! The only other point to mention is that you need to be careful when purchasing books to make sure your reader will load them. I purchased one of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books for my daughter before realizing that only color e-readers would support it. We can read it on my phone but, not on the black-and-white Kobo Glo.

All-in-all, I'm extremely satisified with my Kobo Glo and plan on buying the Kobo Arc in the fall.

Great! by CSIM on 1/22/2013

This is my first ereader, therefore I cannot compare it to any other devices. I can say that I love it! The light is very even and is very easy on your eyes. I already knew before purchasing it that I should not compare it to our iPad when it came to its screen response time. It doesnt bother me at all that it isn't as fast. I really like how easy it is to download books from our public library since most of the books our library carries are epub format.

The con: It is hard to get these. I bought mine online since I do not have a FC store near me. I like to be able to see things before I buy. My other con is that the Kobo I received was defective and I had to go through Kobo to get a replacement. The experience wasn't horrible but it could have been better. They quickly replied that they would send me a replacement but never emailed the time-frame. After 10 days I called and was told it would take up to 15 days. That would have been fine if the initial email would have advised of the processing time. I received a brand new one 2 days after the phone call. I was glad they sent a new one and not a refurbished one, that made the 12 day wait well worth it.

A Great Product by Jesus-in-Bo on 1/18/2013

This is my very first e-book reader so I really have nothing to compare it to other than my own personal view of the product. In my opinion, it's a great product for my purpose. The soft glow of the light makes it really easy to read in low light situations and even great in the dark because, the light is fully adjustable to just about any brightness you want. It has different size text that can be adjusted as well and even without the owner's manual, I was able to operate the e-book with very little effort and I am completely new to this type of technology. I would definitely recommend this product.

Fantastic by DJH on 1/11/2013

Got my Kobo Glo at the nearby store a few days ago. It is light, the screen, both lit and unlit, renders sharp text with lots of ability to tweak. Touch screen is responsive and page turns are rapid with no ghosting. Best of all, it recognizes a variety of formats including ePub, which means you are not just locked into one vendor for books. I love it and Family Christian are among the first to have it in the U.S. Thanks!

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