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Christian art displayed in your home defines the importance of your faith, and shares that faith with friends and family. Heartwarming, inspiring and true, Christian themed artwork makes for a perfect gift as well, either as a house warming gift, for Christmas, or for any gift-giving occasion. Choose from a large selection of encouraging Christian paintings, art prints, decorative crosses, scripture highlighted with artwork or photography, classic pictures of Jesus, and more.

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  1. Prince of Peace Wall Art - 14" x 17"
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    Prince of Peace Wall Art - 14" x 17"


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    In Heaven is for Real, Colton Burpo identified Akiane Kramarik's painting of Jesus as the "right' one. This lovely piece is that same Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus ready to be hung upon the wall. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion.The frame is embellished with me... Learn More
  2. Jesus Walking on Water
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    Jesus Walking on Water


    This striking mounted canvas print will fill you with hope and joy every time you see it. The print features a beautiful image of Jesus walking on water, as gentle waves wash around him. Colored with neutral browns and creams, this subdued image is simple yet powerful, illus... Learn More

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…to look after orphans and widows in their distress. James 1:27
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