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Online Pay Stubs Instructions

To Log In, follow link https://my-estub.com and click on "Employee Portal" in the upper left corner

Your Username:

  • FCS
  • First 4 numbers of your social security #
  • First 2 letters of your last name
  • Last 5 numbers of your social security #
Example: if your name is Tom Brown and your SSN is 123-45-6789, your user name will be: fcs1234br56789
* Not case sensitive

If your Social Security number starts with a zero; replace that zero with a space.
Example: if your name is Tom Brown and your SSN is 012-34-5678, your user name will be: fcs 123br45678

Your Password:

Is this is your first time logging in:
  • Your initial password is: "fcs001"
  • You will be redirected to Change Your Initial Password. Read the directions! When you create a new password it must be 8-20 characters with at least 1 symbol (for example !@#$%^&*).
If you have ever logged in before to retrieve a pay stub or W-2:
  • You must use the password you created at that time
  • If you do not remember your password then contact Human Resources: Susan.Cloutier@FamilyChristian.com (616) 554-8692, Pete.Anderson@FamilyChristian.com (616) 554-8699, Joni.Vermeer@FamilyChristian.com (616) 554-7329.

Online W-2s

If you have consented to view your W-2 online one will not be mailed.

Login in to https://my-estub.com and choose “Tax Forms” at the top of the screen and then “View and Print Tax Form” at the bottom.

If you don't see "Tax Forms"
  • Go to “User Setup” and under “Online Usage Options”
  • Use the “Click here for W2 or T4 Tax Form Use” button
  • Select “I elect to receive my W2s electronically” and click “Next”
  • Read the consent form and click on “Consent” at the bottom
  • Verify your consent on the next page
  • Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the User Setup page
  • Click on “Home” tab and “Tax Forms” should appear to the right of “Payment Listing”
If you have never logged in and accessed your paycheck stub or W-2 before you can do so by following the Online Pay Stub Instructions listed above

If you have logged in before but do not remember your Username and/or Password
  • Username - please review the first section of the instructions.
  • Password – You can try using “Recover Password” on the log-in screen or you can contact Pete.Anderson@FamilyChristian.com, Susan.Cloutier@FamilyChristian.com or Joni.Vermeer@FamilyChristian.com


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