What devices can I read ebooks on?

You can enjoy ebooks and our FC Reader app on just about every e-reader device and tablet available.* However, we’re a bit partial to our exclusive tablet, edifi®. It’s ideal for shopping our vast selection of ebooks, Bibles and exclusive content.

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*Compatible with Apple® iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. You can also use our app on any device that accepts ePub formats, including nook™ and all Sony® models. If you download the FC Reader App, you can also read on your Kindle Fire (learn more below), however, our eBooks are not compatible with the other Kindle e-ink readers.


Can I read books on my desktop or PC?

Yes! To get started, we recommend you first download Abode® Digital Editions Desktop Reader software to your computer. It is a FREE download and will allow you to view, manage and enjoy your ebooks and other digital publications onto your Mac or PC with ease.  

Digital Editions also allows you to transfer copy-protected ebooks from your personal computer to other computers and devices, and organize your ebooks into a custom library or annotate pages. Digital Editions works with several file formats including ePub files, PDFs and other ebook forms.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and install Adobe® Digital Editions Desktop Reader. (Remember, most ebooks cannot be opened before this is installed.)
  2. Find the ebook on our site and select the “add to cart” button
  3. After you complete your shopping, select the “checkout” button
  4. Once your order is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation page with a link to log into your library
  5. After logging into your account, you’ll be directed to your library
  6. Once inside your library, browse for the newly-purchased title and select the download button
  7. You will then be given the option to “Save or Open this file.” Choose “Open” and select Adobe® Digital Editions from your choice of applications
  8. Previously downloaded ebooks on your computer can be opened by right-clicking and selecting Adobe® Digital Editions from your choice of applications
  9. Your ebook will open and be ready to read!

 Click here to download Digital Editions



Can I transfer ebooks to an Amazon® Kindle Fire?

If you have a Kindle Fire (the latest tablet), you can install the FC Reader app which allows you to browse, purchase, and read our eBooks.  To do this, simply follow these easy steps:

First, touch the settings icon at the top left of the screen on your Kindle Fire and select ‘More’.  On the settings menu, select ‘Device’.  On the Device settings screen, ensure that the option for ‘Allow installation of Applications’ is set to ON.  By default from Amazon, this will be set to off. 

Second, download the FC Reader for Android.  You can get the latest version here.

Third, Install and begin browsing and reading!


Can I transfer ebooks to other Amazon® Kindle devices?

No. The Amazon Kindle readers do not currently support ebooks purchased from FamilyChristian.com.


Can I transfer ebooks to a nook™?

Yes. To transfer ebooks to a Barnes & Noble nook, your download of Adobe Digital Editions and nook must be activated using the same Adobe ID.

Note that the display of ebooks on the Barnes & Noble nook may vary, depending on the nature of the content.


Can I transfer ebooks to a Sony® Reader?

Adobe can be transferred to supported Sony Readers with v1.1 or newer firmware installed. To transfer ebooks to the Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Editions and the Sony Reader must be activated using the same Adobe ID. Also, you must have the Sony eBook Library software installed on your computer. To download Sony Reader firmware upgrades and the Sony eBook Library software, click here.

Note that the display of Adobe PDF ebooks on the Sony Reader may vary, depending on the nature of the content.


Can I transfer ebooks to Palm® and Pocket PC devices?

No. Ebooks purchased from FamilyChristian.com cannot be transferred to Palm and Pocket PC devices using Adobe Digital Editions.