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Scissors & Rotary Cutting

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  1. Pinking Shears 7-1/2"-

    Pinking Shears 7-1/2"-

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    GINGHER-Pinking 7.5 inch Forged Shears make a nice finish on seams and a distinctive edge for crafts. Pinking shears produce a ravel-resistant zigzag cut on seams. To maintain the original hand-tuned setting of the blades cut only one layer of material at a time. Blades s... Learn More
  2. Quilter's Cut'n Press II-

    Quilter's Cut'n Press II-

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    JUNE TAILOR-Quilter's Cut'n'Press is two sided. One side has a grid rotary mat with permanent angles and bias lines; other side is a cushioned 1 inch grid pressing surface which enables you to square during pressing-additional grid features provide bias angle circle marking... Learn More
  3. Easy Action Titanium Micro-Tip Scissors 5"-

    Easy Action Titanium Micro-Tip Scissors 5"-

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    FISKARS-Softouch Spring Action Titanium Nitride Scissors feature an extremely resilient blade coating that provides excellent durability to resist scratches wear and corrosion. These scissors are perfect for reducing hand fatigue and for people suffering from arthritis. Pr... Learn More
  4. Softgrip Razor-Edge Bent Scissors 8"-Right-Handed

    Softgrip Razor-Edge Bent Scissors 8"-Right-Handed

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    FISKARS-Bent Razor Edge Scissors feature a soft grip handle that is unexpectedly comfortable with the same excellent function as always these soft grip handles make cutting easy and relaxed bringing a new level of comfort to work. Glide smoothly along a flat surface. Your ... Learn More
  5. Olfa Gridded Cutting Mat-12"X18"

    Olfa Gridded Cutting Mat-12"X18"

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    OLFA Professional 12x18 Inch Self-Healing Rotary Mat extends the life of rotary blades and protects cutting surface. 1.5mm thick; double-sided; triple layer mats with a dark green base color and yellow grid lines on one side and solid green on the reverse. Store mats flat; d... Learn More
  6. Rotary Blade Refill-60mm 5/Pkg

    Rotary Blade Refill-60mm 5/Pkg

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    OLFA Rotary Blade Refill. These 60mm replacement blades are for Olfa's 60mm Standard; Deluxe or Quick Change Rotary Cutter (not included). Five blades come in a plastic container that you can use later for storage. Made from high quality tungsten steel for durability and sup... Learn More
  7. Knife Edge Bent Trimmers 12"-

    Knife Edge Bent Trimmers 12"-

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    GINGHER-Knife Edge Bent Trimmers: 12 inch. These trimmers are used for cutting and trimming multiple layers of heavier weight fabrics in sewing; upholstery work; drapery making; and crafts. The bent handle design makes it easy to cut on a tabletop or other flat surface. Thes... Learn More
  8. TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener-

    TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener-

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    GRACE WOOD-TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener. The latest in rotary cutting with custom features to make the activity easy; safe; and accurate. Sharpen your blade with a few easy strokes using the same motion as cutting fabric. Sharpens blade safely without having to remove it ... Learn More
  9. Go! Fabric Cutting Dies It Fits!-Holiday Accessories

    Go! Fabric Cutting Dies It Fits!-Holiday Accessories

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    ACCUQUILT-GO! Fabric Cutting Dies It Fits! These fabric cutting dies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to fit with existing GO! shapes. From shape basics to holiday; to whimsical birds; cutting has never been so easy! All die sets come with a free projec... Learn More
  10. Olfa Standard Rotary Cutter-60mm

    Olfa Standard Rotary Cutter-60mm

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    OLFA 60mm Standard Rotary Cutter features blade cover for safety. Will cut up to 8 layers of fabric. Includes RB60 blade. For right- and left-handed users. Imported. Learn More

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