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  1. Silvalume Aluminum Crochet Hook Set-Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K

    Silvalume Aluminum Crochet Hook Set-Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K

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    SUSAN BATES-Silvalume Crochet Hook Set. These hooks have the broadest size range within the Susan Bates family of hooks. Made of lightweight aluminum; each Silvalume hook undergoes a special anodizing process that etches away all surface impurities. In addition; each hook... Learn More
  2. CrochetMaster Set-

    CrochetMaster Set-

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    Boye-Master Crochet Set. This set comes in a durable vinyl case zippered on three sides to lay open flat. Set contains one of each: steel: 00 (3.5mm); 0 (3.25mm); 1 (2.75mm); 2 (2.5mm); 3 (2.10mm); 4 (2.00mm); 5 (1.9mm); 6 (1.8mm); 7 (1.65mm); 8 (1.5mm); 9 (1.4mm); 10 (1.3... Learn More
  3. Crochet Hook Set 6/Pkg-

    Crochet Hook Set 6/Pkg-

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    LION BRAND-Crochet Hook Set. Lightweight; flexible plastic hooks are comfortable to use and put less strain on hands than aluminum styles. This package contains six hooks sizes: US F5/3.75mm; US G6/4mm; US H8/5mm; US I9/5.5mm; US J10/6mm and US K10.5/6.5mm. Imported. Learn More
  4. Beginners Crochet Kit-

    Beginners Crochet Kit-

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    BOYE-Beginners Crochet Kit. Have you had the desire to learn the art of crochet? Now is your chance! This beginner's kit includes everything you need to get started. Features: How-To Book which includes right and left handed instructions; Aluminum Needles (F; G; H; I; K; and... Learn More
  5. Aluminum Crochet Hook Set-Sizes D,E,F,G,H,I,J & K

    Aluminum Crochet Hook Set-Sizes D,E,F,G,H,I,J & K

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    BOYE-Aluminum Crochet Hook Set includes sizes D (3.25mm) E (3.50mm) F (3.75mm) G (4.25mm) H (5.00mm) J (6.00mm) and K (6.50mm). Precision-crafted quality assures a fine finish and accuracy of gauge. This set also features the preferred taper throat and smooth rounded heads.... Learn More

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