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  1. Alphabet Punch Set W/Case 27/Pkg-3mm (1/8") Uppercase Letters

    Alphabet Punch Set W/Case 27/Pkg-3mm (1/8") Uppercase Letters

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    BEADSMITH-Vintaj: 3mm Alphabet Punch Set. Use this great set to stamp letters into metal. The set includes uppercase letters and the '&' symbol and comes in a canvas storage pouch with labeled slots for each punch. Each punch creates a 3mm (1/8 inch) tall impression and is m... Learn More
  2. Knotting Tool-

    Knotting Tool-

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    THE BEAD SMITH-This red knotting tool creates secure uniform knots. Useful for stringing pearls and other types of beads. Includes instructions and diagrams. Benefits: if the string breaks only one bead can fall off. Beads will not rub together and damage each other. The... Learn More
  3. Steel Bench Block 4"X4"X.5"-

    Steel Bench Block 4"X4"X.5"-

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    BEADSMITH-Vintaj: Steel Bench Block. The ideal surface for letter imprinting; riveting; texturing and hammering- you never have to worry about marring your craft table again! This package contains one 4x4x1/2 inch Bench Block. Imported. Learn More
  4. Thread Zap II-

    Thread Zap II-

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    BEADSMITH-Thread Zap II. This handy battery-operated thread zapper trims; burns; or melts threads with one touch... no more frayed thread ends! The extra-fine tip heats instantly with the push of a button and allows for precise application-- ideal for finishing bead weaving ... Learn More

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