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  1. Easy-Flex Silicone Bite Size Daisy Mold-24 Cavity

    Easy-Flex Silicone Bite Size Daisy Mold-24 Cavity

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    WILTON-Silicone Baking Accessories: Bite-Size Daisy Mold. Silicone is the Wonder Kitchen Tool: it can be used in the oven (up to 500F/260C); toaster over; microwave; refrigerator and freezer and it is virtually unbreakable. These silicone utensils are the perfect tool cold... Learn More
  2. Scented Bath Fizzie Kit-

    Scented Bath Fizzie Kit-

    LORANN OILS-Scented bath fizzies are easy to make and fun to use! Create whimsically shaped bath Bombs for yourself or for gifts. Add one bomb to a tubful of water and watch the fizzing action release the scent of skin nourishing botanicals! Kit includes 1 nautical sheet mol... Learn More
  3. Soap Making Kit-

    Soap Making Kit-

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    LORANN OILS-Soap Making Kit. Everything you need to make great- smelling soaps in a variety of attractive colors and shapes are included in this Soap Making Kit. The natural essential oils and cocoa butter allow you to create super moisturizing and luxurious soaps at home! K... Learn More
  4. Soapsations Soap Block 1 Pound-Coconut

    Soapsations Soap Block 1 Pound-Coconut

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    YALEY-Soapsations Soap Block. 1 pound Coconut. Decorative soaps are a great way to accent everything- and they are easy to make! Just microwave mold color scent and pour to create sensational soaps! Learn More
  5. Soapsations Soap Block 1 Pound-Glycerine

    Soapsations Soap Block 1 Pound-Glycerine

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    YALEY-Soapsations Glycerin Soap Block. Dermatologist recommended premium grade cosmetic soap made of 100% natural vegetable glycerin. Create beautiful soaps in minutes with this microwavable soap base. Add coloring; scents and embellishments such as flowers; flower petals; ... Learn More

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