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Working in Family Christian’s Customer Support Center is never a dull moment. Supporting our field of more than 250 stores and our online business is a constant challenge to stay on top and produce your best work every day. We strive to serve the stores in an excellent way, allowing them to provide superior customer service. Each department must work cross-functionally to meet deadlines, provide a quality product to our customers and make the customer shopping experience the best it can be!

We are always looking for talented people in the following areas:
+ Advertising/Marketing
+ Finance
+ Information Technology
+ Merchandise/Buying

Our employees are challenged to grow professionally, and with dedication and excellence in their job performance comes opportunities for advancement and further professional development. Many talented people that join our company have a sincere interest in combining their professional careers with their personal values, and they desire to be a part of our generous philanthropic spirit we encourage at Family.

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