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C. D. Yonge (1812-1892), a noted classicist and author of more than thirty-five works, studied classics at St. Mary Hall, Oxford. A professor of modern history and English literature at Queen's College, Belfast, from 1866 until the time of his death, Yonge also compiled a Greek-English lexicon. The present translation of the works of Philo first appeared in 1854-1855 in 4 volumes in Bohn's Ecclesiastical Library.

David M. Scholer, author of the foreword, is Professor of New Testament and Associate Dean, Center for Advanced Theological Studies, School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminar

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  • The Works of Philo

    The Works of Philo

    Philo, C. D. Yonge, Charles Duke Philo, David M. Scholer, Judaeus Phil...


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